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   Chapter 256 The Truth Gradually Uncovers (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5701

Updated: 2019-02-21 04:58

Daniel walked towards the small kitchen and Molly followed him and went to the inner room. When she entered the room, she saw Steven smoking at the corner. The room was full of smoke and it smelled like tobacco everywhere. Sharon was sitting near the bed. She did not look well.

Steven and Sharon knew that Molly had come back. But they did not go out to greet her and had instead waited quietly in the room.

"Molly," Sharon finally said,"come here."

Molly was engulfed by the serious atmosphere in the room. She walked uneasily towards Sharon. She pulled Molly to her side. Molly looked at her in confusion and then looked towards Steven. She then took out her phone and typed,"Did Dad lose money by gambling again?"

Sharon looked at the phone and then looked back at Molly.

"Why can't you speak?" asked Sharon worriedly. Molly was her daughter. No matter how unwilling she was to face her ordinarily, Molly was still her daughter. Sharon asked,"Is there something that you are not telling us?"

Molly shook her head with a smile. She typed,"It is only temporary. I ate something bad and hurt my vocal cords. I went to see the doctor and he said that I shouldn't speak for a while. It will be fine later."

Seeing how calm Molly was about it, Sharon did not press the matter again even though she still doubted if Molly was being honest.

Molly typed on the phone again,"Mom, what happened? Does Dad owe anyone money again ?"

Even if it was a case of gambling money, she was more than accustomed to it by now. It was like a habit for her to make money for Steven.

"No," answered Sharon. She shook her head and stayed quiet for a while. Finally, she just said,"Ask your father."

me. She wouldn't have become a burden to Steven.

Molly slowly turned around. She looked at Sharon, who was crying now. Suddenly she felt as if the woman she was looking at was not her mother but a stranger. She and her mom had never been close. No matter who her father was, Sharon was still her mother. Ever since her childhood, Sharon had been indifferent to her. She tried her best to please Becky and Donna Xue. At the same time, she also tried to please Sharon. She did not dare make her angry because she was afraid that Sharon would abandon her. After they had left Yan's family and had come to A city, Sharon married Steven. Steven was Sharon's childhood sweetheart. And Molly had thought that this man was her real father. She was thrilled about it. After all, Steven was always nice to her. He was such a good father and that was why she was willing to hold up this home. No matter how much money he lost in gambling, she was willing to pay off his debt. She even went as far as to being a plaything of Brian's. But in the end, Steven was not even her real father. Sharon put her on the edge of abandonment again and again.

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