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   Chapter 253 Is It Wrong To Fall In Love With Someone (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 9004

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Sitting in front of the bay window of Edgar's apartment, Jenifer held a steaming cup of coffee. The dun brew reached her nose and she inhaled deeply.

The sunshine settled on her through the clean windows.

She bathed in the golden sunshine, which made her look even more graceful and gorgeous. She was radiant, just like an angel.


The sound of the door disturbed the peace of the apartment. It was Edgar, returning from work. Jenifer turned to look back at Edgar with bitterness in her heart. Sometimes his work seemed more important than her. She simply raised her eyebrows and said sarcastically,"You're so busy. Do you know how many days it's been since you've been home?"

Edgar took a look at Jenifer, without answering her question. He said coldly,"I came back for some papers." He focused on something else now, and had no time to mollify her.

Without another word, Edgar walked into his study.

Jenifer stood up from the window seat, put her unfinished coffee on the table, and headed for the study. She leaned lazily against the door, watching Edgar searching his bookcase. Until she saw Edgar frowning, she said in disdain,"I take it you're looking for the papers on Mr. Brian Long. Something to do with the investigation?"

Now all his attention was focused on her, not to mention his anger. "I told you not to touch the papers in the study!"

"I've already seen them. So?" Jenifer defiantly folded her arms, not in fear but in anger.

Instead of answering Jenifer's question, Edgar said coldly,"Give me the papers!"

"Oh! Those? I threw them out. Less clutter, you know?"

Edgar narrowed his eyes in anger and said,"Woman, you've forgotten who you are!"

Jenifer remained defiant. "And you've forgotten why you came to this city in the first place!" Jenifer stood up angrily, looked at Edgar coldly, and asked,"What have you been doing for more than a month? Have you forgotten what grandpa told you? Why are you spending all your time building bridges and roads, not to mention caring about Molly? Huh! Edgar, you're here for your mission, not for Molly!"

"So you're lecturing to me now?" Edgar looked at Jenifer and said with contempt,"I can do whatever I want. My appointment with Major General Zeng has nothing to do with you!"

Edgar put his hand out and said,"Give me the papers! Now!"

Jenifer was furious, but Edgar didn't care at all. She turned to pick up the papers and threw them at Edgar, yelling,"All you care about is Molly! Huh! Justin has arrived, what will you do then?"

Edgar was about the leave, but he stopped. He looked back at her and realized that she was not joking, so he asked,"Mr. Justin Yan is here?" That didn'

er phone. Looking at the picture of the intact snowmen, she smiled and thought, 'Even if we break up, I want some good memories with you.'

Thinking of this, Molly smiled. She gently touched the picture on the screen with her fingers. The Two snowmen in the photo, like her and Brian, were once so close to each other.

"What are you looking at?"

Eric joked. Molly didn't know when he came in or why he was here, which really freaked her out.

Eric didn't realize he scared Molly. Her heart stopped momentarily when he grabbed her cell phone. He looked at the picture, and said unhappily,"What's up with the snowmen?"

As Eric spoke, he sent a photo of himself with Molly last night on Molly's phone and set it up as wallpaper. In this photo, Eric held Molly in his arms. Looking at the phone screen, Eric said happily,"Well. We're just like those two snowmen. Perfectly matched. Are you going to cry for being too touched by this photo? Ha-ha!"

Molly frowned, took a look at her phone, and glared at Eric.

'Yeah, a match made in hell!' she thought. Eric sat down next to Molly, and said,"You should feel lucky. Normally, I don't take pics with women. So I'll allow you to use that photo as your wallpaper."

After hearing Eric, Molly rolled her eyes and typed a line of words on her phone. "You're so glib."

After showing it to Eric, Molly wanted to delete the photo.

"No! You can't delete this picture!" Eric took the phone from her.

Molly glared at Eric, put out her hand, and stomped her feet.

Eric raised his head and said archly,"Promise me you won't delete this photo, and I'll give it back."

Molly frowned. As she could not speak, she could only stare at him to show her dissatisfaction.

"Promise you won't delete this photo," Eric said mischievously.

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