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   Chapter 251 Photos and Two Snowmen! (Part Three)

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Updated: 2019-02-20 00:49

Eric's cold eyes melted upon seeing Molly and then Brian. There were half-made heads all over the yard which showed that Brian attempted many times to please her. It was probably the first time Brian failed so many times at the same thing.

The usually arrogant and demanding Brian had gone pale after so many failed attempts.

Eric sneered to himself, but didn't feel relived at all. He had some growing concerns. Molly kept shaking her head as Brian was making a new head for the snowman. Eric rolled his eyes upward, drew his sight away from them and turned around to walk out of the room.

"Mr. Eric Long?" Harrow asked with a concerned look.

"Take care of the remaining matter..."

Eric demanded as he was out of the room. Harrow and Tony both exchanged a confused look. They don't know what Eric, who always wore a wicked smile irrespective of the situation, was now busy thinking.

Eric then headed straight to the yard. He grinned when he saw Brian was still occupied trying to make a perfect snowman under Molly's direction. "Well, it's getting pretty late now... Brian, you are really in the mood," Eric added in a soft voice.

Brian knew his brother was out as Eric walked into the yard. He never cared about what others thought of him and ignored the pointless teasing. "There are only three hours before daybreak. Aren't you worried Tony and Harrow couldn't find what I wanted?" asked Brian inquisitively.

This now meant that he would use his own method to draw out what he wanted from Dragon Island's database, if both of them failed.

"In this case, you really need to replace the duo with peo

heir best to make a worthless girl laugh.

While Eric and Brian were busy competing against one another, Molly built yet another headless snowman. The yard was a sight to behold. When both of them were done, she matched the heads with each body and asked Brian to find some decorative material in the kitchen to make eyes and noses for the snowmen. Molly then took off her scarf to put it on one of the snowmen and enjoyed what she had made with a bright smile. When she noticed the neck of another snowman was empty, Molly ran inside the mansion and took one of Brian's ties. And then it was put around the neglected snowman.

Molly beamed at her masterpiece with pride, soon after her smile disappeared to be replaced by a morose frown. She gestured she had to make a call to indicate to Brian that she wanted a phone.

Brian watched Molly and didn't miss a word of what she acted out. He took out of his phone and handed it to Molly. She then took a picture of the snowmen and sent it to her own phone. She shrugged and gestured sleeping to Brian after returning his phone.

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