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   Chapter 250 Photos and Two Snowmen! (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5638

Updated: 2019-02-20 00:19

With growing curiosity and concern, Molly watched him run away abruptly. She didn't know what Brian was up to and couldn't help walking there to understand what was happening when she heard some noise coming from inside. It surprised her to see the whole mess inside with clothes all over the floor. Molly gazed from one end of the closet to another before she finally fixed her eyes on Brian.

Brian asked impatiently with an underlying sense of anger,"Where are the gloves?"

Molly frowned and pointed instinctively at a drawer on the bench's bottom in the closet. Brian's face grew pale, as he had checked out every part of the closet except this drawer which was the right one.

Brian grabbed the gloves, put them on Molly's hands and pulled her outside. He pressed a button on his way out. All of a sudden, the dark yard which previously had only one single light was now lit up even the snow began to sparkle under the illuminating colored lights.

Standing in the yard, Molly, dressed in a thick coat which was keeping her warm and comfortable, looked around curiously and then looked at Brian who was still dressed in the suit with a frown as if to ask what he was up to.

"Aren't you happy? I remember the last time we made snowmen together you seemed pretty happy. Let's do it again and enjoy these moments!" Brian talked down to her almost like he was a king who was rewarding his servant. But in contrary, his expression indicated his embarrassment.

Molly opened her month and looked at Brian almost like he spoke in a foreign language. Just to confirm what she just heard, she pointed at Brian, herself and then the snow. It seemed like she actually wanted to ask,"

knew Brian saw through her act of getting sick. Still Brian didn't move or give any response. Molly bit her lips and then walked back towards the half-built snowman, giving up her revolting post.

Brian's heart twitched and ached as he saw Molly's receding figure. Within seconds, he pulled himself together and drew closer as he began to make the snowman's head.

Eric stood by the second floor's window and saw what was happened in the yard. He held a cup of hot coffee and took a sip of it after asking Tony to find some files for him. The sweetness of the drink didn't seem to refresh him at all.

Eric frowned as he laid the coffee mug on the table. He looked out of the window again and fixed his eyes on Molly, following her wherever she went. Under the light outside in the bitter cold, Molly's face had turned red, but she seem not to care about it at all. Instead Molly was entirely focused on her snowman and gazed at Brian with her angry expression every now and then. She gave the snowman's head which Brian made an unsatisfied and displeased look. In that moment, she looked incredibly cute and adorable.

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