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   Chapter 249 Photos and Two Snowmen! (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5581

Updated: 2019-02-20 00:09

Brian looked down at Molly, after glancing into her inquiring eyes.

"After we get over with this entire scene, I will let go of you," Brian said in a rather cold tone.

As her eyes flashed with overpowering sadness, Molly dropped her head almost immediately to conceal her feeling. She nodded slightly, to avoid overreacting and pouring out her feelings.

Unable to sense what she was feeling as Molly's face devoid of expression, Brian felt the pangs of disappointment. He turned over to stay on top of her, studying her with his eagle-like gaze. "So Finally, huh? Finally you can leave. You must be feeling excited and zealous right about now, right?" he asked in a tone coated with sarcasm.

Molly looked up at him with her eyes glistening with tears she tried to hold in. Yet there was sense of sadness to be seen. She watched his handsome face in silence, just embracing his tempting smell. She fluttered her long eyelashes, as she grew determined not to answer him simply because she couldn't and didn't want to either.

'Right, after all this time I can finally run away from him. I am supposed to be relieved and happy. So why do I feel so sad instead?' Molly thought to herself.

He was the wrong match for her from the very beginning, she knew she shouldn't fall in love with him, because he was always way too good to her. His perfection, attitude and appearance made it evident enough that he was from another class, a world that was beyond her reach. Their relationship couldn't go anywhere as he was out of her league. Molly knew the truth and had accepted it, but even then she couldn't help feeling depressed.

In reality, Brian didn't treat

commanded abruptly. He rolled out of the bed, dressed himself and threw Molly's clothes over to her.

Molly looked at Brian as her eyes were still welling up with tears. She didn't move an inch and instead pressed her lips together.

Brian's face tightened upon seeing her reaction. He stood by the bedside and grew irritated as he looked at Molly's sad face. "We can't sleep anyway. Please just get up!" he said yet again.

Molly got out of the bed slowly with reluctance and grabbed her clothes to change. She seemed like a delicate doll, a toy, who was not allowed to refuse her master's demands.

Within five minutes Molly was dressed. She walked out of the bathroom and felt confused seeing Brian hold her hat and scarf.

Brian was clearly embarrassed. But within a minute he was back to his normal aloofness. He walked up to Molly and put the hat and scarf on her. Before she could refuse, he dragged Molly out of there. But even before they could step outside, Brian remembered something suddenly as grabbing Molly's cold hands. He loosed his grip and ran in a hurry towards the walk-in closet.

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