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   Chapter 248 Anything for You (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5674

Updated: 2019-02-20 00:07

Brian had already turned around and was walking towards the study room.

This frustrated Eric,"I am dead tired!" He muttered.

It's not like he had a choice though. He followed Brian into the study room. Tony and Harrow were already in the study room when they entered. Eric hadn't expected to see them there. Tony bowed his head to greet Eric while Harrow whined,"Seriously? A meeting at 2 in the morning?"

Harrow was only teasing but Eric could see that he really was tired already. Who wasn't at this hour, anyway? Eric pulled a chair up, the one in front of Brian. "So, Brian, what do you want to get from the database? Does it have anything to do with Becky?" Eric said as he pointed towards the picture of Becky on the desk.

"Well, you're kinda right." Brian admitted.

This caught Eric off guard. He was only joking - he didn't expect that to be the actual answer.

"I want all files, everything, anything you can find about Rory." Brian announced. While Richie had already cleaned up the database when he set up the safe guards before, Brian was sure he could still extract something - with Eric's help, of course.

This confused Eric,"Becky's father?"

Brian answered carefully, choosing his words,"Well, Becky's scheduled to come back anytime soon and Molly's still at my place." "Well, just for that request alone, you should give me whatever I ask for," Eric negotiated, watching Brian closely.

Eric thought of how much he had looked up to Brian as a child. For almost his entire childhood, he did whatever Brian said. He was his hero for as long as he could remember. He couldn't believe that they would end up like this when they grew up - Brian bossing him around a

trying to break free as Brian calmed himself down. He hugged her tighter as he placed his chin at the crown of his head, sniffing her hair - it smelled strawberries. "Do you want to know the truth about your lineage?" He murmured.

His voice was deep and throaty. Molly looked down, not saying a word.

"Before I came in here you've been thinking about it, right?" Brian wasn't expecting a response - he just knew.

Molly's heart softened at what Brian had said. For the longest, Brian still knew her like the back of his hand.

Brian felt her hesitation so he pulled her closer and whispered,"You're scared, I know. But you still want to know the truth, right?"

Molly didn't know how to answer and what to answer. Lucky for her that Brian wasn't waiting for an answer - he just knew her that well. "Let's just cross that bridge when we get there, okay? Whatever happens, it's still part of your life. At least let me do something to thank you for the past weeks."

His voice was so low, so soft, it could barely be heard. Molly raised her head to look at him, she stared into his eyes as if to ask "What do you mean?"

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