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   Chapter 247 Anything for You (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5607

Updated: 2019-02-20 00:06

"Yes, I got the news just now. Miss Becky will be in A City in four days." The body guard he had hired for Becky answered.

Eric took a sip from his soda before asking,"How are her eyes?"

"The treatment didn't work." The voice from the phone sounded detached.

Eric was not surprised. When Eric spoke to Dr. Felix, he had already been told that Becky had very little chance to recover. Her case was rare, the doctor had said.

"Dr. Felix is still trying other methods but if Ms. Becky is returning to the city then..." The voice trailed off.

"Tell Dr. Felix to continue doing his research in Netherlands." Eric said calmly. His eyes were towards the sea.

He was thinking about how his brother would feel about Becky's condition - her beautiful eyes now sick, needing treatment.

Eric didn't know what to feel. He put his phone down as he walked towards the beach chair, placing cola can on the table. Not five seconds has passed when his phone started ringing again.

His phone's screen read: Brian. Eric let out a small laugh before answering the call,"I was just about to call you."


"I'm almost done with all the work here in QY island. Aaron has stopped all criticism from coming in - the government's and the people's. Quite fast, actually. Plus Philip missing..." Eric added, rather stiffly. "... has made people a bit angry," he finished.

Eric knew Brian pretty well. He knew the lengths Brian would go to if someone didn't make him happy but he didn't know Brian was capable of so much worse simply for a woman. That was definitely something to think about.

"When will you come back to the city?" Brian changed the topic. He wasn't inte

th chattered from the cold.

The snow made it a little difficult to drive - it took him about two hours to get to the villa. He felt bad for waking up John to open the door - he gave John a smile and John waved him off as if to say "No big deal." Eric was tempted to jump into and occupy Brian's bed - it was white and big and cozy. The soft bed overshadowed his guilt for John.

Eric climbed the stairs leading to the second floor where Brian's bedroom was. He flicked the light switch on - no Brian, no beddings even.

"I had a feeling you would arrive around this hour and I knew that you would want to sleep on my bed so I asked Lisa to change the beddings. But, well, she only did half of the job,"

Brian's cold voice came from behind. Eric pursed his lips at the sound of his voice, he turned around to find a fully well-dressed Brian,"Wow, how considerate," he said sarcastically.

"Well, I am your brother, after all," Brian piped, proud of himself. "Wow, I'm surprised you still have so much energy. I thought you'd be dead tired. If that's the case then follow me. Let's go to the study room."

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