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   Chapter 246 Anything For You (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6252

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"Mr. Long, there are ten soldiers, all handpicked, from A City, awaiting the command.

But there's a possibility that... They're here to assassinate you." Vincent warned him on the phone, his fingers twirling about the cord.

"Okay," allowing no emotion to come out. He kneeled down and changed Molly's ice bag for her,"Is there any progress?" he continued. His face was that of a stone - cold and pale.

"You were right, sir. Justin Yan was in Dragon Island during his vacation," Vincent answered,"but not everyone knows that due to politics."

Brian pursed his lips,"But you know," he said, sarcastic,"Richie is just not so good at keeping information. Huh?"

Vincent didn't know what to say - everyone at the XK Intelligence Agency knew what Brian's family was capable of. For Vincent, it was extra complicated because he worked for both. Often, he didn't know to whom he was supposed to be most loyal. "Mr. Long, we just found out by accident and even then, none of this is confirmed information," Vincent explained.

Brian didn't know what to think of this. He did believe Vincent, though. He understood how difficult it was to try to get something out of Richie - Vincent must have paid a pretty penny to get it out of him. "What has he been doing? Richie, I mean," Brian asked.

"Mr. Long brought Mrs. Long to the Matterhorn Glacier yesterday." Vincent answered, his voice at a neutral tone, the way he always kept it.

Brian smiled at the thought of Richie taking Shirley out. He admired that of them.

"All right. Your job here is done. Whatever happens next doesn't concern you anymore," Brian said with a tone of finality. As he said these words, he was staring into Molly's eyes.

"These hand-picked soldiers..."

"They mean nothing to me." Brian said, rather harshly before hanging up the phone. He put a palm on Molly's forehead - 'Sh

QY Island

Eric strolled along the beach in his sun glasses, beach shorts, flip flops, and soda in one hand. He was the image of vacation. Eric relished the grains of sand that he felt on his foot and the sparkle of the sun as it hit the clear, blue water.

Lenny lay on her beach chair, face up, sun glasses on - basking in the sun light. She had been doing this for days and her skin had a fair and pale veil no more but had been replaced by a golden tan.

Lenny was watching Eric - it was her job after all as Eric's body guard. She had to have a sense of responsibility and protection towards him - if it came down to it, a sacrifice could be asked of her. Yet no matter how hard she tried, she was still drawn to Eric - something she could never explain, even if she tried, even if she knew how arrogant Eric was.

She pursed her lips, disappointed with herself at how she wasn't able to control her thoughts. 'You're Eric's body guard, ' she reminded herself. 'And only Eric's body guard, nothing more, ' she added.

She resumed back to watching Eric - he was on his phone now.

"Becky's coming back?" Eric asked. He sounded worried, not happy. That was automatic for him. He didn't even realize in himself how worried he was.

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