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   Chapter 244 An Involuntary Change (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6302

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Edgar let out a gentle smile and didn't bother with an explanation. Let Bill wonder. He wasn't sure about everything right now, but he felt pretty positive that his little tricks over the years had finally irritated the man in the dark. Moreover, Jonny had appointed him as the mayor, so if he saw an opportunity, he'd jump on it.

Edgar wondered if the man in the dark had anything to do with Justin.

He looked up. His sharp eyes were concealed by his glasses.

Justin had been the commander of the battalion Steven had served back in the day. This wasn't like him, but he might be trying to get back at them.

But why now, of all times?

In the hilltop villa

Brian got up early. It wasn't even sunup before he trudged into his study and started on XK Intelligence Agency's urgent business. By the time he was done, it was broad daylight. He massaged his forehead, between his eyebrows, and his eyes fell on Becky's picture, framed and sitting on the desk.

He still remembered how excited Molly had been when she first came to his study and saw this photo. Unfortunately, it hadn't aroused his curiosity and he hadn't noticed the likeness between them at that time. He did now. If he had, would he have found out the truth before Richie did?

Brian looked at Becky in the photo again. She smiled brilliantly, and her eyes were wonderfully expressive, in which he could always see a glimmer of hope. She could brighten a room when she walked in, and that was what drew Brian to her.

Molly was different than Becky. They were family. You could see it in their eyes, but Molly was weaker, more submissive. She simply accepted what happened to her, rather than actually doing something about it. Thinking about this depressed Brian. It bothered him that

Molly said she loved him.


It was a game, but she treated it way too seriously. 'Foolish girl!'


knitted brows, Brian strode forward and stopped beside the bed, looking down at her. Molly breathed evenly. She slept on her stomach because her buttocks were sore. Her face was sideways, but her cheeks, which should be white, were unhealthily red.

Now, he was a bit worried. Brian bent down instinctively and extended his long fingers to feel her cheek and get a benchmark temperature. It was burning hot!

"Get up, Molly. You're sick," Brian said in a cold, angry voice.

"Hmm…" snorted Molly. She winced uneasily, contracting her brows. She was still sleepy.

Looking at the girl, Brian was distressed and angry. He muttered,"Look how weak you are! You get sick a lot. You really need to take better care of yourself."

Brian picked up the phone and called the doctor. He didn't realize that he was the one who made Molly so ill. He wouldn't. He rarely considered what effect he had on other people. It was stress that laid her low. She had no idea who she was, who her family was, and that bothered her more than anything. And stress does funny things to a body. Insomnia, headaches, no appetite, body aches, and yes, even fever if the stress is intense enough. She needed a respite from all of it, and Brian was no good at providing that.

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