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   Chapter 243 An Involuntary Change (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6666

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The snow lay thick on the ground.

The snow-covered land became a vast expanse of whiteness stretching to infinity. Everything was covered -- houses, cars, sometimes doors. The occasional tree or building was the only interruption in this sea of white.

The snow finally came to a stop in the middle of the night, as if to make the night even quieter. However, a quiet night like this was depressing, like the calm before the storm.

The next day, the sun lazily broke through fluffy clouds and fell on the frosty cityscape, reflecting the dazzling light. Row upon row of high buildings seemed colder this morning. People rushed to work much earlier on the snowy day. Knowing they had to drive slower due to the snow, they didn't want to be late for work.

After the successful conclusion of the charity concert of Wing and Spark, the city parliament staff devoted themselves to a special task: the investment of Dragon Empire Group in another project in the city.

Bill walked in quickly, sporting a tight black suit, lollipop in his mouth. The parliamentary staff members greeted him, but he just nodded to them without stopping.

"What's wrong? Bill is like an ant on a hot pan." It was obvious from his hurried manner that Bill was anxious.

"Maybe the debt collectors stepped up their game."


Ordinarily Bill laughed and joked with others, but now he ignored the jibes, as well as other people, strode into the elevator, and quickly punched the button. He couldn't afford to lose any time.

Bill went straight to Edgar's office after the elevator whisked him up to the top floor. Jenifer lived in Edgar's apartment these days, so Edgar seldom went back and slept in the office suite on the plea of busy work. Besides, it afforded the mayor a certain amount of privacy.

Edgar lived a normal life. Unless there was some kind of meeting, he could usually be found shaven and showered, spruced up and sprawled out in his chair behind the desk, reading the documents relat

"Mr. Mayor, I thought I'd remind you of the meeting on the secondary development of energy resources at 9 AM on the twelfth floor," the assistant secretary said in a sweet voice. She was new, but he liked her. She was brutally efficient, and had a head for facts and figures.

"Okay," Edgar answered briefly and pressed the button to release the call. He checked the time. The clock on the wall indicated 10 to 9. He turned again to look at Bill. "If Justin Yan is here in secret, no special forces will be around. If he comes here for official business, we'll find him. Rory's in the city now. I think Justin Yan should be here too. If he's here, but uses his twin brother as a cover, it's worth checking in to. And now, Howard's here, too." Edgar continued after a pause,"So things are getting more tangled after all. Maybe our chickens are coming home to roost, Bill. The past can't stay buried forever."

Edgar stood up and strode over to the closet. He took the suit jacket off the hanger and went outside, shrugging it on as he walked.

Bill thought about what Edgar said. When Bill came back to the present, Edgar was already out in the hallway. He jogged to keep up with the man and asked,"One more thing. Steven took the fall for what happened back then. It has to be 12 or so years ago. Why bring it up now?"

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