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   Chapter 242 You Deserve It (Part Four)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5716

Updated: 2019-02-18 05:56

"Hmm...that was not powerful enough to push you down. You slipped yourself," said Brian in a low voice. His tone was uncertain as he tried to defend himself and his expression was unnatural because he knew he was lying.

Molly, however, didn't catch the subtext between Brian's words. So, she continued typing out words on her cell phone.

"Yes, I slipped. I'm a fool who deserves this pain. Are you satisfied?"

Molly took back her cell phone after Brian had read every word on it. She buried her head between the pillows and was unwilling to pay attention to anything around her. At that moment, the feeling of being embarrassed had given way to her broken heart. Being silent was the only thing Molly could do to show her sadness while Brian kept rubbing her hips with the ointment.

Brian did the work quite professionally. He rubbed Molly's ankle and the bones at her hips skillfully with appropriate strength. Neither of them spoke anything to break the ice in the room. The sound of him rubbing the medicine on her was the only sound audible.

Molly had buried herself deep between the pillows. That sight brought a feeling of soreness to Brian's heart. "Don't you feel stuffy in there?"

Molly did not respond.

"I'll do nothing to help if you smother yourself in that posture. That's your own choice," uttered Brian angrily.

Molly still kept her silence and stayed still.

Brian frowned at Molly. Enraged by her cold behavior, he said through clenched teeth,"You are ungrateful, Molly!" Then he let go of her legs and threw the ointment on the table by the bed. But Molly still remained in that position between the pillows, silently. Brian could not suppress the fury in him


Instead of reproach, Becky sensed helplessness in Brian's voice. A soreness in her nose brought tears to her eyes. She bit her lips to curb the impulse to cry before asking,"Brian, where are you? Can you come and pick me up? I miss you so much."

Brian didn't avert his gaze from the dim lights. After pondering for a while, he said,"I have several things to handle here."

Brian's words were a disappointment to Becky. Naturally, she thought of those unidentified emails which she had no idea who had sent, and she remembered Cindy's warnings about Brian. 'Does Brian really have any special feelings for that woman? Does he still love me?' Those questions were on a loop in Becky's mind.

"I'll be back in A City in a couple of days. You should go back to A City directly," said Brian. He had planned to set the perfect trap, which would work to complete his purpose in a couple of days. He needed to put an end to his in-explicit relationship with Molly before Becky came back.

Brian didn't know why he had tried to avoid Becky. And he wasn't in the mood to figure out why he seemed to have become attached to Molly.

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