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   Chapter 241 You Deserve It (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5723

Updated: 2019-02-18 05:43

Brian cast Molly a glance from the corner of his eyes. She looked funny as well as pitiful. "You deserve it," said Brian in a low voice, but the car was so small that both of them heard it clearly. Molly turned to look at Brian quickly. Fury flashed in her crystal-like eyes. She stared at Brian with that furious gaze until she was out of breath. How she wished she could curse him with every conceivable word in her mind! But alas, she couldn't. She was unable to speak.

'Go to hell!'

Molly cursed in her heart before turning around to look outside the window again. She decided not to pay attention to Brian no matter what he said or did. She had been stupid in worrying about a man who didn't need her concerns. But she would not be that stupid forever!

Brian glanced at Molly, who seemed to be extremely furious. That swift glance was enough for him to notice her grieved and hurt expression, which she had obviously intended to cover up with great effort. Instead of saying something to comfort her, he chose to stay silent.

Brain removed his gaze away from Molly and looked straight ahead. He drove quietly, but his mind was in a mess. The words Molly had typed on her cell phone and the texts sent by Becky kept looping in his mind. What a sucked up feeling it was! His heart was supposed to be the sole property of Becky. But whenever Molly was hurt and was suffering, somewhere in his heart, he would soften and feel her pain as well. His heart seemed to have been encroached by Molly. That was wrong, he knew it well.

The car split the darkness of the night with its brilliant lights as it was stopped in the parking lot beside the villa. Brian got out of the car and then Molly followed. S

er hands on her buttocks as soon as possible to hide them. Her face turned red, like a boiled shrimp, as she realized what Brian was going to do.

Brian walked straight towards the bed calmly, paying no attention to the protest in Molly's eyes. He strode upon her body and fixed her slender long legs between his again. In a cold tone, Brian said,"Look at yourself. You almost broke your bones just by taking a walk in a park. This is really unbelievable! Are you made of porcelain?"

His ironic words made Molly burn in anger. She forgot the embarrassment and tried her best to get her cell phone. She typed out some sentences, braced herself up and put the cell phone right in front of Brian.

"And whose fault is it? I wouldn't have tripped if you hadn't pushed me down. I only wanted to take a look at your bleeding hand! Was that wrong?"

Brian read the message while pouring the ointment into his hand. His heart missed a beat as soon as the sentence 'I only wanted to take a look at your bleeding hand!' caught his attention. A complicated feeling surged in him all of a sudden. He didn't expect that he had misunderstood her.

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