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   Chapter 240 You Deserve It (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5384

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The attack was so unexpected that Molly fell to the ground totally unprepared. Pain traveled quickly through her hips. It was so sharp that her face distorted in anguish. She tried to stand up, but she had no strength left.

A painful glint flashed in Brian's eyes. He felt sorry for pushing her down. But that sympathy only lasted as ephemerally as his heart of stone allowed. In a flash, Brian assumed a cold face while looking down at her, who sat up on the snowy ground pitifully. His voice was colder than the ice she was sitting on. "Since when have I given you permission to make decisions for me, Molly?"

Molly didn't catch half of what he was saying as her attention was mostly grabbed by the pain she was going through. She felt as though her hip bones were broken. The pain had spread to her spine and she was sweating profoundly.

Brian regretted his rude behavior, but he subdued and ignored the remorseful feeling. He looked at Molly and said,"It's too late. Let's go back."

He cast Molly a glance before turning towards the direction from where they had come and left without hesitation.

Molly tried again, in an attempt to stand up. But the pain stopped her from any further movement, as her hips ached whenever she moved. She clenched her teeth to rally some strength and placed both her hands on the snowy ground to support herself. With all the effort she could muster, she tried to stand up one more time. But she fell back down.

Molly closed her eyes and bit her lips so hard that they had turned pale. In the midst of her despair and helplessness, she felt as if she was being

He glanced at Molly in his chest, who kept nuzzling closer and closer to him. He furrowed his brows and an annoyed glint flashed in his eyes.

Brian put Molly softly into the car. Molly's face twisted as her hips touched the seat. She felt the pain again. Brian had obviously noticed it. Instead of arousing any sympathy in Brian's heart, however, Molly's painful face only intensified his annoyance. He felt embarrassed as he had no idea what to do. To avoid that embarrassment, he turned his head as if he hadn't seen anything and closed the door. He walked around the car to the other side, slipped into the car and took the driver's seat. He started up the car and drove towards the direction of the villa.

The car ran steadily at a slow speed. Due to the pain, Molly dared not lift a single finger, as it hurt whenever she moved. She was fixed on the seat like a puppet. The only thing she was capable of doing was to stare out the window with a grimaced face. She looked angry as she pouted her mouth. To some degree, that expression added to her girlish charm.

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