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   Chapter 239 You Deserve It (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5750

Updated: 2019-02-18 00:09

Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

It was a sunny day.

Becky basked in the sunlight on the meadow in the farmland, surrounded by sheep which kept jumping and bleating merrily.

The wind, bringing with it the sweet smell of grass, gently touched Becky's cheeks as it blew lightly across the farmland. Everything about that afternoon added to her bright mood.

Becky lazily ran her hand over the surface of the table. She did it with her cell phone in her hand. A feeling of thirst possessed her and her hand reached for the glass of juice on the table. She slowly took a sip. Contrary to the sweetness of the juice, she felt bitter.

Becky was waiting for Brian's message. Time ticked by, one minute after another. But the cell phone stayed silent. Five minutes had passed. But still nothing from Brian.

"Cindy," said Becky while looking towards Cindy's direction. She felt the table with her hands and tried her best to place the glass on it as steadily as possible. She was almost blind and was only capable of seeing blurry shadows which she could just barely distinguish from the darkness that surrounded her. It was impossible for her to recognize anybody even if someone stood right in front of her. "Brian hasn't texted in quite a while. He has never done this before."

Cindy looked at Becky with sympathy, feeling sorry for her helplessness. Enraged by Brian's ignorant behavior, Cindy got up from the deck chair immediately. "Becky, I'll book the air ticket. Let's go back as soon as possible."

Becky lowered her head after hearing Cindy's words. Her lusterless eyes indicated the blankness of her mind. Her nose twitched and she softly uttered in a weeping tone,"Where should we go?"

"Where..." Cin

you are being too nosy, Molly?"

That coldness, however, didn't affect Molly at all. Maybe she had gotten accustomed to it. Instead of yielding to Brian, she returned a challenging stare before typing out another sentence. "Your expression suggests that you want to check the messages. But you are refraining from doing so. Are you finding it difficult to make a decision? In that case, let me delete them for you. Then you won't have to go through the trouble of making a choice!"

Brian read Molly's message with a frown. To his surprise, Molly moved to grab his cell phone before he could respond to her text. But she stopped as soon as she noticed the blood on Brian's bandage. Like a magnet, that red stain attracted her attention. She stared at it with widened eyes. Forgetting her original purpose, she hurriedly approached to check his wound.

However, no sooner had she touched Brian than he quickly responded by hitting her hand away and shoved her back. He thought that Molly was rushing to snatch his phone. Due to Brian's brute strength, Molly fell backwards and tripped. She went crushing down to the ground with a loud noise.

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