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   Chapter 237 The Quiet Confession In The Snow (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7140

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After all, Emp meant a lot more than the Grand Night to Brian. He wouldn't take just anyone.

"Mr. Brian Long!" Harrow shrugged off his doubts and regained his composure. He nodded to Molly, then turned to Brian. "Our shares have opened in America, and the index is one percent higher than expected."

Brian looked astounded at the news. He glanced at the screen on the wall to confirm Harrow's report. "They're like little toads, sitting in the scummy swamp, but they always like to hop ahead of me," said Brian.

Harrow shrugged. "They're still a threat. And it doesn't look like they'll go away on their own. Why don't we kick their asses before our stock takes a hit?"

Brian gave him a casual glance before he suddenly turned to Molly. She hadn't moved since they walked in, unsure of what was going on. "What do you think, Mol?"

Molly was taken aback by his sudden question, and she fixed Brian with doubtful eyes. She couldn't really think clearly after she'd seen Rory on the monitor at the Grand Night Casino, and didn't understand what Brian and Harrow were talking about. What should she say? What could she say?

Brian snaked an arm around her waist and pulled her closer to him. He didn't seem to care who else was in the room. But Harrow and Tony didn't even care. He asked her in a low and charming voice,"Someone's messing with my business. Harrow suggested I kick their asses. Sound like a plan?"

Molly glanced at the other two in embarrassment. Tony still wore a cold face as if he had seen nothing happening, and didn't care if he did see anything. Harrow shrugged slightly as he said,"Miss Xia, you're welcome to chime in."

Molly gritted her teeth and tried to squirm out of Brian's arms, but he just held her more tightly. She was mad, and her lowered eyebrows gave testament to that fact. She glared at Brian fiercely. Of course, she couldn't speak, so she could give no advice at all.

She flashed Brian a cold gaze which seemed to say,"So what if I say yes?"

"Well," a faint smile appeared on Brian's face as he met Molly's angry stare, and he said in an uncaring voice,"now that Mol thinks t

snow under her feet, laughing at her own thoughts. What kind of man was Brian? "Worries" and "hesitation"? Those were never words she would have used to describe him.

"You know, it almost never snowed when I was a kid. The one time I remember was a winter storm that hit the area. That night, Richie and Shirley decided to take a walk in the snow the same way we are now, hand in hand. I walked behind them. Everything was quiet and peaceful." Brian looked into the distance, but his eyes saw only his childhood. His handsome face was framed by the silent snowy night. "Shirley always wears a pretty smile, and so does Wing. Shirley likes to complain that I'm not really her son, because I don't smile a lot. But every time I do smile, someone gets in trouble."

Molly observed the masculine silhouette of Brian's face, and she didn't want to do anything to interrupt him. She had a feeling that Brian just wanted to talk, to pour out his heart to someone who could listen in silence.

"I've walked in the snow a lot since then. But I just can't capture that magical moment again." Brian inadvertently tightened his grip on Molly's hand. His brows lowered, and he had the strangest feeling that the peace he'd been searching for all this years was here, now, with Molly. He basked in the serenity, relaxing for once, and he felt his heart melt. He stood still, closed his eyes, and just lived in the moment for a bit.

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