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   Chapter 236 The Quiet Confession In The Snow (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6898

Updated: 2019-02-17 00:59

"Want to know who your father really is?"

Brian's thin lips curled up into a faint smile. There was no hint of mirth in that smirk.

He met Molly's blank eyes as he said plainly,"Your parents told you that you aren't Rory Yan's daughter. But that wasn't all of it. They didn't tell you everything."

Molly just sat there, staring at him. She couldn't speak, but he could see the look of doubt on her face. Brian took this as his cue to continue.

"Mol," Brian took a wisp of her hair with the tips of his index and middle fingers and wound it around the two, idly. "You aren't Steven Xia's daughter, either."

Molly's eyes got as wide as saucers. She froze for a second, trying to take all of this in. Then she tore herself from his arms, and glared at him with anger burning in her eyes, fists clenched in fury.

Brian did nothing but sit there and watch her. He was expecting her to do something like that. A mocking smile appeared on his face as he leaned back in the chair and said coldly,"I didn't test your DNA, but I'm almost positive that Steven Xia isn't your biological father." Listening to him, Molly gritted her teeth. His words burned like flames in her veins. Brian stared at her as he continued,"In fact, I'd love to know who your real dad is. Your real identity took a lot of digging to find. So of course it involves Steven's past."

Molly's breathing came in gasps. She was so pissed! She looked around and finally found a pen on the desk. She scribbled something on a notepad and showed it to Brian.

He humored her, reading the page, faintly amused. It read,"Liar! I am dad's daughter! He doesn't always treat me the best, but I know he's my father. Quit messing with my head!"

Brian only took a casual glance at the words on the notepad. His quick mind didn't need long to read them. He half-knew what they said anyway. Then his gaze wandered back onto Molly's face and he said in an indifferent tone,"Do you know why Rory is here?"

Molly frowned at his question. She'd seen her dad sitting with Rory when she went out to e

lly thought about what he did or said. He assumed he was right. He leaned forward and left a gentle kiss on her forehead. Then he settled into his seat, started the car, and drove it out of the underground parking lot.

The snow kept falling from up above. Snowflakes danced in the dim light of the street lamps like playful elves. The car drove through the dark night, and it didn't head for the villa.

Molly was deep in thought, and she didn't notice that they were actually heading somewhere else. Who was she? Her real identity was still a mystery, and it troubled her. And Brian wasn't really acting like himself, either. It was enough to give her a raging migraine.

Finally, they pulled into the underground parking lot of a tall building with glass walls. This was Emp Stock Exchange. After the car stopped, Molly took in the unfamiliar surroundings, confused. Why were they here? Then she looked at Brian and her eyes asked him the unspoken question.

"I need to do something here," Brian replied plainly. He gestured for her to get out. Then they walked across the lot and into the elevator. Eventually, they arrived at the top floor.

When they stepped into the office together, Harrow looked at Molly in surprise. Thanks to Tony, he knew Brian had taken her to the Grand Night Casino with him, but he hadn't thought that he would also bring her to Emp.

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