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   Chapter 235 On The Top Floor Of The Grand Night Casino (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5261

Updated: 2019-02-17 00:20

He turned her body so she could look at the screen on the wall easily. Molly was confused about what he had said and her eyebrows furrowed.

She still sat on Brian's lap. Her body grew stiff as she stared at the video screen, tensed. Molly got even more rigid when she saw the people inside the VIP room.

On the screen, there was a long table covered with a bright red flannelette cloth. On one side of the table sat Shane, and on the other side… was Rory.

Molly's face turned pale as soon as she saw Rory. She held her breath, her eyes fixed upon him.

"What's for today?" Shane asked, his voice calm and impassive. As the fastest croupier around the world, he also played at the table sometimes.

Rory looked around and took a sip of the wine that a waiter had just put on the table. "A Royal Flush, then," he announced.

Shane shrugged, indicating the croupier to shuffle. The croupier nodded and put on his white gloves. He finished shuffling in a second. "Do you want to cut the cards?" he asked.

Rory took a quick look at the cards in his hands and gestured that he didn't need to. Shane took a chip between his index and middle fingers and threw it onto the cards. After the chip knocked some cards out of the croupier's hands, he signalled for the game to begin. The croupier put the cards into the poker dealer.

The excellent croupier instantly dealt the cards to the players with nimble and elegant moves. A card was put face-down while the other was face-up for each player. "A Spade K. Big. Please place your bets!" the croupier said.

Rory too

fied croupier not only shuffled his cards with accuracy but also saw clearly what the others shuffled. And Shane was a world-class croupier.

Brian abruptly pressed a button.

The picture on the screen split into recordings of the different areas of the casino. Molly bowed her head, grinding her teeth. The horrible memories poured into her mind.

"This wretched girl is not my daughter!"

"You stupid bitch who gave birth to this little bitch! How dare you still want to cling to our family?"

"Get the fuck out of my life with your nasty daughter!"

"You are not my sister! Your mother is a bad woman…"

"Get away, you filth! Don't poison my eyes!"

"Fuck off!"

"You son of a bitch!"

"Cheap bitch!"

The voices in her head grew louder. Molly felt like she was in hell. She gnashed her teeth harder and gripped Brian's arm, sinking her nails into his skin. Her blood boiled.

Brian could feel her rage and pitied her. "Mol, do you want to know who your father is?" he asked.

Molly turned to look at him in query.

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