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   Chapter 234 On The Top Floor Of The Grand Night Casino (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5573

Updated: 2019-02-17 00:09

Molly had a firm grip on her door and was frightened by what was happening. Her eyes blew wide open and her face turned pale in shock. She didn't recover even after the car stopped at the Grand Night Casino.

Molly glared at Brian in anger and gasped for air, but there was nothing she could do to him.

The latter turned his gaze to look at Molly whose face was full of wrath. "I learned how to drive from Uncle Frank - Eric's father, who was the youngest champion of Formula 1," he said lightly.

Brian smirked with pride and unbuckled his seat belt, getting out of the car. Actually, Frank had only taught him how to shift gears. He had picked up all the other skills in the automobile races with Richie.

Molly got out too, mumbling to herself. She followed Brian into the elevator. Lost in her angry thoughts, she didn't realize where they were going until they arrived at the top floor of the casino.

Molly had worked here for quite long. Although she had never been here before, she knew that the top floor of the Grand Night Casino was private and reserved for distinguished guests only. Other than Jason, nobody who worked at the casino was allowed to come here. But now she stood here, the place where all the important decisions of the casino were made.

Brian walked briskly, ahead of Molly. Soon he realized that the footsteps behind him had faltered. He turned back and frowned, seeing that Molly stood stock-still as she gazed at her surroundings in amazement. "What are you doing over there?" he asked her in a deep voice.

Molly's eyes widened. She came back to herself and trotted over to him quickly. She walked with him to his office, s

o you think I am scared?" Brian replied, looking up at her with razor-sharp eyes. He reached out and grabbed her slim waist, pulling her into his arms. Finding herself on his lap, Molly was dumbfounded.

This was such an intimate position! She tried to get up on instinct, but Brian held her tightly.

Molly blushed and smelled the minty scent on his body, getting more nervous by the second.

Brian narrowed his eyes at her. When she looked up, he lowered his head and kissed her on the lips swiftly, holding her hair.

Just then he heard the door in the video open, which pulled his mind back to the situation at hand...

Reluctantly, he let go of Molly. Brian looked up and stared at her soulfully. His heart seemed to soften even more. She looked even more adorable when she was embarrassed.

Her face was as red as a ripe apple and her long eyelashes flapped like the wings of a butterfly. Puffing and panting, she bit her lip and gazed at him with shining eyes.

She was getting more anxious under his gaze, but Brian had calmed down. "I want you to watch something," he said indifferently.

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