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   Chapter 232 The Mist (Part Three)

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Technically, she was not in violation of any discipline since she just had a normal communication with her family member.

"Well, you..." Howard didn't know what to say about her. Just then, the bartender served the whiskey with ice. Howard took a sip and asked,"Now tell me why are you looking for me?"

"I haven't seen you for a few years. I miss you, OK?" Jenifer starred at him and said.

"OK!" Howard quickly responded, then sighed and asked again,"Is there anything else besides you missing me?"

Jenifer shrugged and said,"No!"

"No?" Howard asked. Jenifer nodded her head in reply and when he saw this, he couldn't help but furrowed his thick eyebrows. As one of her elder brothers, he knew her too well. She looked charming as if she should be kept and well protected. However, there was a strong and unyielding disposition inside her. With such disposition, she acted on her own will in front of her family since she was a child. Even more, she had sworn in front of her family to win greater achievements than her elder brothers. And now, she was moving in such direction step by step. Without a doubt, Jenifer had become the pride of the Zeng Family.

All of a sudden, Howard realized the real purpose of Jenifer and smiled. "I'm afraid, you are not here just to confirm if I arrived at A City, right ?"

Jenifer showed him a big smile and took a small sip of the Red Flame while her eyes turned from looking fascinated to dark and fierce.

"Is it for Edgar ?" Howard asked one more time. Watching his little sister behaving in such a way for Edgar, he could not help but frowned. Her little sister was excellent in every aspect but her only flaw was her endless obsession with Edgar despite knowing that Edgar wouldn't reciprocate her affection. "Jenifer, you can take a horse to the water but you cannot make it drink!" Howard said trying to persuade her to give up her hopeless obsession.

"No, there is always an exception!" Jenifer was not persuaded at all. Instead, she replied,"I won't stop until I have him."

"Even if you help him like this

time. He was just asked to get familiar with the environment three days in advance, and the so-called environment had no specific scope. So, a group of ten people including him should have to get familiar with all the environment of A City within three days.

"Howard, you don't need to mind Jenifer's business any more. You will be offered a vacation when the mission is over," Jonny said with a deep voice. "You haven't stepped into Four-Nine City for seven or eight years. Come visit us on your vacation this time!"

"Yes," Howard gave his promise and hung up the phone. He went to the terrace and looked at the snowflakes falling under the light while his mind kept on thinking about what Jonny had just said.

Jenifer came here because Edgar worked here, and due to the agreement between Jonny and Edgar, Jenifer might want to help Edgar. But what did this all have to do with Mr. Yan?

Moreover, ten members from the special troop were sent to A City to be familiar with the environment in advance, but for what kind of mission?

It seemed that these questions were connected somehow, but it also seemed they are not related at all.

Thinking about this, Howard was deeply confused as he furrowed his eyebrows deeply. He went back into his room with a sigh, and at the moment, he did not know that a war of different powerful parties was already quietly unfolding.

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