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   Chapter 231 The Mist (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6952

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After Brian saw Molly's serious facial expression as well as the "No" on her mobile phone, the look in his eyes became deep and serene. But before he could think of any response to her silent protest, Molly had already pulled the doctor in front of him.

Watching both the doctor and Molly, Brian finally did not say a word. Molly gave instructions to the doctor again without uttering a word. The doctor understood and he took out the medicine kit hastily, cleaned Brian's wound, and dressed it up.

Observing all of these, the doctor was shocked. Although he didn't have much contact with Brian, he, as well as the other doctors like him, all knew Brian very well. Although he was young, it was never easy to deal with him and he was even more cruel than his father, Richie. But now, seeing all of these with his own eyes, he couldn't believe that Brian was actually being led by a girl. What a big news!

However, he could only keep it to himself secretly and would never dare to leak out a word.

After the doctor finished bandaging Brian's hand, he offered several pieces of advice and left. As soon as he left, Molly took a deep breath, checked Brian's hand, and then once again typed some words in her mobile phone:

"I'm not leaving the villa. Don't worry! I'm a little tired now and I just want to get some sleep. "

From the start and up until now, Brian had always kept an eye on Molly's expression. He had seen her disbelief, her sadness, and her stubbornness.

While reading the words she typed, he looked at Molly with his deep eyes and said indifferently,"I didn't sleep at all last night, and now I am also tired. Let's sleep together!"

After hearing his words, Molly was dumbfounded. Her eyes stared at him without blinking while her mouth was gaping wide open.

However, Brian did not seem to mind her shocked expression at all, and walked directly towards to the bathroom. Before he entered the bathroom, he even said to Molly,"Go to my room and bring me my bathrobe!"

Right after he said those, the door of the bathroom closed. After a while, t

ound of banter. Jenifer didn't turn back to see who it was, but a smile slowly formed in her beautiful almond-shaped eyes. She put her glass down gracefully, and her eyes focused on the flaming red liquor. "A gentleman is teasing a lady in the public. How extraordinary, too!" Jenifer retorted back.

At the same time, the man who had just spoken had already sat down next to Jenifer. He asked the bartender for a glass of whiskey and said,"Jenifer, for so many years, you haven't changed at all. You are as glib as before."

Looking at the man, Jenifer chuckled and pouted playfully, different from her usual arrogance, and said,"Howard, I have not seen you for so many years, yet you look much more handsome than before."

Howard burst into laughter. His handsome and angular face showed a sort affection for his little sister. He then asked her,"How come you know my arrival?"

"I called Grandpa," Jenifer said nonchalantly.

Howard was dumbfounded after hearing her words. He had no way but to sigh gently then replied,"Grandpa is spoiling you too much. He even told you my whereabouts even though it's against the discipline of the army."

Hearing this, Jennifer's mood became unpleasant and with furrowed eyebrows, she said,"I only asked for my brother's whereabouts, and I didn't ask what I know I shouldn't. Grandpa told me nothing more except where my brother is!"

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