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   Chapter 229 Agonizing When You Never Understand That I Pretend To Be Strong (Part Four)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6323

Updated: 2019-02-16 00:09

Molly's brain was a total blank. She wanted to shove him away. But Brian knew her intentions. He twisted his powerful and warm hands around her thin waist, pressing her against his chest, as though he wished Molly to be absorbed into his own body. Since she could not escape from his hug, Molly tried to move her head backwards to get away from the kiss. However, the more she moved backwards, the more Brian moved forwards. She could not get away from him. Her shivering lips would not leave the man's lips either. Although Brian's lips were cold as ice, the passion and desire leaking from the kiss overwhelmed Molly.

At that moment, they could feel each other's warmth and wet wheezy breath. There was no distance between them. Molly could see herself reflected in Brian's eyes. And so could Brian.

Brian kissed her and did not go any farther than that. He enjoyed the feel of his lips on hers. And all her resistance were in vain. She wanted so much to evade his kiss and escape from the vague, strange and ironically romantic situation.

Gradually, Molly calmed down as she was affected by the cool and gentle kiss. After making sure that she had her emotions under control and was not going to yell any more, Brian moved away from her. He let go of her slowly, as if his lips did not want to part from Molly's lips, which was now dotted by the blood.

Brian stood close to Molly, his warm hands still holding her thin waist. He looked down at Molly, whose eyes were blurred with lucid tears due to the sudden change of pace and also because of the pain caused by her damaged throat. He opened his thin, cold lips and said slowly in a low whisper,"I will make sure that you get your voice back. This is my promise to you."

As Brian made this serious and definite promise, Molly breathed hard. Her face was dotted with tear stains and some tears still roamed in her eyes, reflecti

,"You must be at the villa in half an hour." He then turned back to look at Molly. She was about to say something, but Brian's face was pale with anger. He said in a cold voice,"I have been telling you again and again. Do not talk! Are you listening to me?"

Molly closed her small mouth at once. After all that chaos and quarrels, she was no longer angry. She calmed down and gazed at the wound in his hand. She moved away from him and tried to get out of the bed.

Brian stopped her immediately. But she continued to try and get off the bed. Brian's face was getting darker and he asked,"What are you doing? What do you want?"

Molly pointed to his bloody hand. She frowned at the wound. She grabbed the phone from Brian's hand and typed some words into it. Then she handed it back to him.

"Do you realize that your hand is bleeding? Are you not in pain? Let me go. I want to get some medicine to stop the bleeding. "

After Brian saw her caring and loving words on his phone, his eyes became gentle. He felt a sudden warmth somewhere in his heart. He was touched again by Molly's kindness. He let her go and looked at her. His eyes were consumed by something other than darkness now and they were gradually covered by randy passion and excitement.

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