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   Chapter 228 Agonizing When You Never Understand That I Pretend To Be Strong (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6106

Updated: 2019-02-15 16:13

As soon as Molly heard him talking about Steven, she became very emotional. She got so agonized by it that she didn't hear another word from Brian after that. The tears that she had been trying to hold in were now completely out of control and flowed rapidly down her cheeks. As the tears sprawled across her flushed face, spreading across her shivering lips, she glared at Brian with resentment. Finally, she burst out, yelling with her injured throat, her sound came off and on, and the words were vaguely recognizable,"Screw your rational reason! You keep playing your stupid cat and mouse game with me. When I finally got some comfort and happiness from you, and was gradually getting the feeling that I was not just your 'toy' anymore, you broke it all down and told me that I would always be your menial object of pleasure. You can do whatever you want to me, no matter how good or bad, for as long as you find it amusing. And by doing so, you incessantly remind me of the cruel fact that I am and always will be nothing but an object for you. The only wish I have is to see my father. I just want to go back home and have some time with my family!"

Her throat was deadly hurt, like there were hundreds of nails driving into it. Each word she spoke, brought a wave of pain. But Molly did not care. She wanted to get rid of all the outrage and grievance off her chest. She yelled intermittently, gradually falling silent. Except for her outraged facial expression and her angry body gestures, there were no words coming out of her mouth, which was now just continuing to open and close. When she had woken up earlier, she could make a few noises clearly. But now, only her heavy breathing could be heard. The room was enveloped in awkward silence in addition to her wheezy sound. She was like an actress in a black and white

ective medicine for her, there was still a possibility that she may suffer from sequela due to the vocal cord's damage.

He had promised her that she would not become dumb. He would not allow such a horrific picture become a reality for her, where she would forever be silent. He was a man of his word.

The kiss was arrogant and aggressive; it was filled with so many mixed feelings and emotions. Brian had already lost the ability to figure out what had happened to him, about what his real thoughts were and what he should be doing after all this. But one thing was sure. Every time when Molly did not follow what he said, he would turn into a rage machine. Molly was the switch that controlled his temper. Every time when he mentioned Edgar, he detected a flash of love in her eyes, mixed with sorrow and pity about the relationship between her and Edgar. After seeing that, he couldn't control his temper; he had even lost the ability to contemplate. She was supposed to be just a toy dedicated to him. But, she had taken away a huge part of his heart. And he realized that Molly was in control of his emotions. When they got along well, he would be very happy. When they had an argument, he would be fierce.

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