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   Chapter 227 Agonizing When You Never Understand That I Pretend To Be Strong (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6828

Updated: 2019-02-15 16:12

Brian disregarded his wound. He couldn't even feel the pain. It was too insignificant to warrant his attention. But now, it began to hurt, because when he looked at Molly, he saw sorrow and disgust in her tired eyes. Maybe she was trying to hide these emotions, but he could detect them. He did not understand if she was sneering at him or at herself and her bitter past. The wound hurt, the heart hurt too. He felt as if his heart was being gripped by something stronger than his rationality. He frowned at his own lack of control over his emotions.

"Can't you quietly follow my commands for just a few days?" Brian asked firmly with annoyance laced in his voice, his anger concealed. Hearing his calm words, Molly felt a wave of cold rise from the bottom of her feet and it overwhelmed her. She found no emotion on his face and there was nothing but indifference in his eyes. Before she could reply, Brian continued,"Is it bad that I treat you a little better? When I show you a little mercy, you forget your identity and place, and you forget what you are supposed to do here, right?"

Due to her throat, she could not speak a word in return. She bit her lips even harder, making the blood creep into her mouth. She felt the taste of rust enveloping her mouth as endless sadness and bitterness haunted her. Her lips curled into a pitiful smile, coldness unfolded on her face, as though it was telling the world her tragic stories of the past and the current dilemma she was in. She gazed at Brian. She pretended to be calm and nonchalant. But her clutched hands started quivering which quickly revealed her real feelings. A gush of emotions overwhelmed her.

'I will never forget that I am just a pastime toy for you, who belongs only to you. But, even as a toy, I am still a human with thoughts and feelings. I have a family too, like any other. I want to see them as well. I want to be with them. I am only twenty years old. I am obviously scared and lonely. I am not strong or brave enough to overcome all these horrible experiences so

his bullying, his arrogance and his indifference towards her suffering.

Her emotions couldn't be hidden from Brian's keen eyes. The more he read her eyes, the deeper his own eyes looked; his eyes were like a deep and profound well which reflected the bright moon at night, after witnessing the vicissitudes of the life of the people on the land, whereas it barely just sighed for their joys and sadness, their partings and reunions. Besides having such beautifully mysterious and attractive sight, he looked at Molly arrogantly, in a way which said he wanted to conquer and occupy her. But at the same time, he was also at a loss. He had no idea whether he should continue to show love to her.

"I have a rational reason for preventing you from meeting Steven," Brian frowned slightly and said. He was kind of surprised by Molly's reaction. However, he was not very raged about it. Maybe it was only because of his empathy for her, which might have been elicited by the sorrow exuded from her eyes. Brian had almost forgotten that there was no place for 'empathy' and 'mercy' in his life. As a man who had grown up in XK Intelligence Agency, an organization which had forever existed without any warmness or kindness, and known for its cruelty, he should never show any of those weak emotions to others. He was supposed to be cold, nonchalant and arrogant.

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