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   Chapter 226 Agonizing When You Never Understand That I Pretend To Be Strong (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6642

Updated: 2019-02-15 16:11

The thin glass brim grazed Brian's hand.

His blood from the cut flowed slowly into the wine along the glass and the rust-like smell mixed with the aroma of the wine.

The mixed odor enveloped the air, making the situation more dire and awkward. Molly could not tell what her real feelings were anymore.

She was taken aback by his sudden action and her small mouth opened slightly. Her bright, beautiful eyes widened as she stared at the blood permeating from his hand. She was so stunned that she could not react for a while.

But Brian did not move. He ignored his bleeding hand as though it didn't hurt him at all. He eyed Molly with his eagle-like eyes as if she was the prey that he desired but could never get his hands on. Seeing her surprised facial expression, he was overwhelmed by complicated emotions, which even he could not sort out. He felt irritable, jealous as well as annoyed. But he tried to hide these feelings under the gloom of his eyes so that no one would know what he really felt.

Molly gulped slowly because of the tense atmosphere. She looked up from Brian's hand gingerly and found his face covered in anger. All his strange actions scared her. At that very moment, she truly felt that Brian was a lunatic.

Resentment and grief gripped her, along with immense exhaustion. She was outraged, but could not let it all out. She gasped for air harder. Everyone had their limits, so did Molly.

What was wrong in wanting to go back home?

Why he was so angry for that?

She could not even talk. All she wanted was to just go home as early as possible to get some comfort and consolation. Was that wrong?

After a round of tiring thoughts, she felt a lump forming in her throat. Molly was at her limits and she wanted to burst open and cry her heart out. She even forgot that she did not want her family to know that she could not talk temporarily. She was worried about her father. She always wondered if something bad had happened to her dad, alth

es, trying to control the grievance and swallow down the sorrow, acting as if nothing had happened. 'I am just a woman dedicated to serving him, an unimportant toy to pass his time and to make him happy. Even if I show my suffering in front of him, he won't concern himself about my agony. So why will I continue to bring disgrace to myself ?'

Molly turned around slowly after she had succeeded in eliminating every bit of sadness and grievance from her face. At least, she thought that she had concealed all her emotions. She looked at him squarely in his eyes. Because she was incapable of speaking, the only reaction she could give him was to look at him. At that moment, it suddenly came to her mind that if she really had lost the ability to speak permanently, it would be difficult for her to accept that harsh reality.

As he stared at her streaming eyes, Brian forgot all about his injured hand and just left it hanging without any care. The blood sprawled across the wound and along his palm. The scarlet blood fell on the stairway drop by drop like an incessantly leaking tap. The red color coated the stairs, giving out a strange and horrifying aura, just like a fully bloomed fire-like red plum blossom in a world of ice and snow. It was beautiful and spectacular, but with a touch of loneliness and misery.

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