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   Chapter 225 Mist- Under Whose Control (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6644

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With a smile, Sharon said,"The only thing left between him and me is hatred. How can he hurt me any more? Now, the only person who can hurt me is you, because you are the only one who matters to me in any case!"

Steven looked her straight into the eyes. He wrapped his arms around Sharon even more tightly and said in a deep, calm voice,"Sharon, for these so many years, I have understood your feelings!"

Attentive, Sharon did not say anything. She only frowned, sensing an impending storm.

Steven and Sharon had been talking in their room. When Daniel walked back into the living room, they had not noticed, so they went on talking freely, oblivious to his presence. He overheard what they said. And there was a shocker to Daniel, who could not believe what he heard. Molly - his elder sister was not his father's daughter? That was beyond imagination!

Daniel was so shocked that he fled out. He ran so fast on the snow crunching beneath his feet. He only stopped running when his feet hurt and he was dog tired. He bent down, resting his hands on the knees as he gasped for air. And to compound his exhaustion, he was ill-at-ease with what he had overheard from his parents a moment ago.

His sister was not his father's daughter, no wonder his father had not shown any pity for Molly, no wonder his father had pushed Molly to a man. What did his father mean when he said "Molly is safe in spite of a few difficulties"?

That sounded like Molly was in danger, and his father was downplaying the situation. Daniel was angry that they burdened Molly, even putting her in the line of danger over matters that his father should have shouldered as the man of the house.

Were his dad and mom even remotely concerned about his sister's welfare? Did they bother at all that Molly like anyone else needed her parent's support or had dreams and ambitions for a better life and future. With these thoughts in mind, Daniel was livid.

The more he thought it, the more furiously his

f a man who could call asking her to go back, unless he had really good reasons. And what did he mean, when he said it would still be OK if she went back later when she was free? That sounded much like his way of emphasizing that they needed her back by any means, even if it wasn't immediately possible. It left her feeling quite uneasy!

Edgar placed people in her neighborhood, so what? Were they surely informers? Couldn't they have been placed to protect her parents?

She and Edgar no longer had any special relationship. It infuriated her that Brian always thought she was a loose woman.

In his opinion, she was no more than a dispensable object for every Tom, Dick and Harry's pleasure, and only deserving of fair treatment when he was in the mood.

The more she thought, the more aggrieved she felt. When she could not take it anymore and was about to burst into tears, she bit her lips, turned around and went upstairs.


Brian curtly demanded. But feeling overwhelmed, Molly did not stop. She shuffled weakly up to the first flight of stairs when the sharp clink of breaking glass froze her still.

She turned around reflectively in panic and looked towards Brian. The wine glass had been shattered right in his hand, leaving a nauseating splatter of blood and wine. It was a horrific sight.

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