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   Chapter 224 Mist- Under Whose Control (Part Two)

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They two had been talking until noon when at long last, the man stood up and left. But Steven did not move. He remained glued to the same spot, looking out the window, the same way he had done while waiting for the man. He did not look away from the window, even after seeing the man drive off.

Mist enshrouded the glass, making it difficult to see through what he was thinking. He switched his eyes back to the cup of coffee on the opposite side of the table, where the man had sat. He stared at it intently, as if it gave him secret clues to what preoccupied his mind.

"What I was owed... will be taken back!" He gritted his teeth, a cold haze looming in his eyes.

It took him quite a while to calm down his nerves. He took out his cellphone and called Molly. The call was rejected almost immediately, about the second or third rings. While he was wondering, a short text message came through,"It's not convenient to talk. Dad, what's up?"

Composing a short message, Steven replied,"Do you have time to came back?"

As she tried to guess why Steven wanted to see her, Molly frowned, but she instinctively thought there was something important, so she replied to his short message saying yes.

With exaggerated politeness, Brian was cutting steak genteelly. He only stole a furtive glance at Molly, without taking too much notice of what she was doing. Even after Molly was done with texting and put back the cellphone, Brian did not ask anything. He was waiting for her to tell him.

But for quite a while, Molly hesitated before she pulled out the cellphone again and typed something that she passed to Brian,"My father told me to go back home. At once!"

"No!" Brian refused without thinking.

Molly frowned and typed in a hurry,"Why?"

"No reason!" Brian did not want to explain at all,"Just take my word for it. If I say no, then that's it!"

Hearing that, Molly glared at Brian in anger. She had not been feeling good because of the loss of her voice. As soon as she saw the short message from her father, she wanted to fly back home out of a kind of instinctive dependence. Although the home could not always comfort her, she still wanted to go back.

Seeing that Mol

, piercing deep into her heart. It made her cringe as if she'd pull her knees up, fold them around her chest, wrap her arms around the shins and curl up into a wailing ball. If she were to cry, she'd squeeze shut her eyes and pour out a tempestuous flood of tears. She'd let her head flop to her folded knees and weep until her red, puffy eyes throbbed with pain.

When he sensed that something was wrong with Sharon, Steven hastily said,"Well, we don't need to worry about them any more. After all, now I have nothing with which they can threaten or blackmail me. Molly is fairly safe under Mr. Brian Long's watch. At least she is safe, in spite of a few difficulties she might be facing here and there. But basically, they can't harm her for as long as she's under Mr. Brian Long's care."

Still lost in melancholy, Sharon took a moment before reacting, and even then, her mood didn't lift. After quite a while, she said sadly,"Steven, thank you. Thank you for treating Molly as your own daughter..."

"Why do you say that?" Steven said somewhat angrily,"Molly is my daughter!"

Sharon dropped the topic. She knew clearly how well Steven treated her. For so many years, he had taken a lot of bullets for her but never had he complained nor wavered in his commitment. For such a good man, why didn't she make some sacrifice?

"I want to meet Rory Yan!" said Sharon all of a sudden.

"No!" Flatly, Steven refused,"Why put yourself in harm's way again?"

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