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   Chapter 223 Mist- Under Whose Control (Part One)

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Molly woke up very early, and she had not slept well all night.

She tossed and turned over and over again. The few times she fell asleep, she'd wake up because of uneasiness or nightmares before long.

At midnight she came out and found that the light in the study was still on. She knew that sometimes Brian was very busy. He even could be so busy that he went to bed very late for several consecutive days. However, he rarely stayed up for the whole night.

When she got up at dawn, she boiled milk and toasted bread in the kitchen. She waited for Brian for quite a while, but he did not come out. Finally, she went upstairs with a glass of milk. She was about to knock at the door of the study when the door opened from the inside.

Although Brian had stayed up for the whole night too, he did not look tired at all. His face was still cold and indifferent as he always was. He took a glance at the milk in Molly's hand and contemplated for a while before he asked,"Why did you get up so early?"

With no word, Molly simply delivered the glass of milk in her hand and gave him a hint with her eyes. Brian understood tacitly and took the glass.

Taking out her mobile phone, she typed something, then put the phone in Brian's face. "I could not fall asleep. And I saw that you probably stayed up the whole night too, so I went downstairs to make breakfast!"

Slightly, Brian glanced at her phone and read. "What was wrong with you?" he asked with a slight frown,"You couldn't sleep well the whole night?"

In response Molly nodded. But then she corrected herself, smiled slightly and shook her head instead, meaning it was OK with her. She pointed downstairs with her finger.

"Let me wash my face and brush my teeth first. Once I've freshened up we can have breakfast together!" Taking cue from what Molly meant, Brian replied.

With a smile, Molly nodded and pointed at the glass of milk. As soon as Brian passed it back, she turned around and went downstairs.

As she walked down, Brian kept his gaze on her back, with a solemn impression showing on his face, and his deep eyes giving a hint of irritation. It didn't sit well with him that Molly was pretending to be strong.


Due to the su

d he explain the destruction of the Wolf SWAT Team as a whole?

From the beginning to the end, nobody except him had been privy to the formation, until it had been time to execute the plan. However, it had seemed that the opponent had uncovered every single detail of the formation.

Seeing the bitterness on Steven's face, the man sighed deeply. "Steven, I know you have never come to terms with the facts," he said. "For all these so many years, you have hidden behind a veneer of disappointment just to avoid facing Jonny Zeng. I believe... that you have done your own investigations for all this time, right?"

The man's words took the form of a query, but apparently, he was quite sure about what he thought.

Steven did not answer. Due to what the man said, he gradually calmed down, as if his excitement just now slowly disappeared. He smiled with bitterness and said,"You are thinking too highly of me. Now what can I find out by myself?"

The man fixed a thoughtful, sharp gaze on Steven without saying a word for quite a while. After what appeared like an eternity, he smiled and said,"It is also OK not to investigate. Maybe your life is not as exciting as in the past, but it may not be bad."

"Yeah!" Steven answered.

They both dropped the subject as if there was a tacit understanding between them. They then chatted casually. However, the man kept mentioning Sharon and Molly, intentionally or unintentionally, as if he paid more attention to them.

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