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   Chapter 222 In Her Eyes He Was Different! (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6348

Updated: 2019-02-14 15:16

Reaching out his hand, Brian held the back of her nape, pulled her closer and kissed gently on her forehead. He then said in a deep and charming voice,"Listen. I won't sit and watch helplessly while you lose your ability to talk. I'll stop at nothing to ensure you're recovery to perfect health!"

As she felt his warm breath, and the firm assuring words, Molly was touched at heart. In an instant, the hesitation in her clear eyes gave way to a glow, so full of surprise, joy, and hopeful expectation. Obviously her heart was deeply moved.

'No! No! Molly, calm down. They're all fake impressions!' her inner voice cautioned.

For the moment, Molly was short of breath. She tightly clenched her fist, trying to calm herself down. He had only shown a little bit of affection, yet she could not refrain his attraction. He had just said some overbearing words, and she was moved, even though she knew that he had done it only for his ego.

Gently, he rubbed Molly's hair and cooed,"Go to bed now. I still have something to deal with."

Molly still gazed at Brian blankly. It seemed as if she hadn't heard his words at all.

Seeing her behaving like that, Brian wore a strange smile on his lips and asked slowly,"What's the matter? You don't want to sleep alone? Do you want me to accompany..."

Before Brian could finish his words, Molly suddenly came back to earth. She quickly said good night and was about to go back to her bedroom, but a harsh sharp pain came from her throat right after she finished the two words. When she turned around, her face twitched out of pain.

Bang! The door was closed in a hurry. Brian smiled softly seeing the door slam in front of him. A pleasant happiness slowly spread over his heart.

After taking another glance at the door, he turned and went to his study. As soon as he entered into the study, he opened the video device and connected Vincent dir

ad been falling all night stopped. The quiet morning was wrapped in silver snowflakes, and the whole world beamed with cheerful brightness.

Brian hadn't stopped working on the computer yet. He hadn't slept for the whole night. Now only dozens of doctors' profiles had been selected from hundreds and printed out. He carefully pored over their profiles one by one, with stern, thoughtful eyes.

Although she was afraid that she would become mute, Molly pretended to be strong and nonchalant. When Brian thought of it, a heavy, bloodthirsty rage boiled in his chest.

It was really bright now. Brian put down the documents in his hand, stood up slowly and walked to the window. Looking out of the window, the whole world was covered with shiny, silvery snow. When he saw Lisa and John sweeping the snow on the blue-stone aisle, he suddenly recalled that night when Molly had made a snowman.

The figures of that woman kept on lingering in his mind, which was disturbing, but even more unsettling, almost out of his control. He drooped his head, sighed heavily and unconsciously wiped his eyes for no reason.

The memories depressed him. He turned around and walked out. As soon as he opened the door, he ran across Molly, who was about to knock on the door.

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