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   Chapter 221 In Her Eyes He Was Different! (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6482

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The aim of Shawn coming here today was to probe into Brian's inner thoughts. He had prepared a lot of questions beforehand, but when he saw the way Brian looked at Molly, he had already got all the answers he wanted. Brian had never gazed at anyone with that overwhelming possessive look in his eyes, not even at Becky. It seemed that if anyone tried to stop his obsession with her, he was willing to do anything. For Molly's love, he would kill and have no scruples about it.

Shawn thought to himself, 'If Brian can understand his real feelings soon, he might not suffer too much from it, but if not, I'm afraid life will be harder for him than it was for Richie.

The son closely resembles his father. And they are both too obsessed with women.'

Shawn was still lost in thought, when his cell phone suddenly rang. He answered the phone and said impatiently,"Speaking!"

"Has Brian come to meet you?" Shirley's sly voice came from the other end.

Rolling his eyes, Shawn said flatly,"He has left."

"What? He has already left?"

"Yes, he has just left here, five minutes ago!" Shawn hummed,"But do not expect that I will tell you much about Brian. If you want to know, just go and ask him by yourself."

"Damn Shawn! Go to hell!" Shirley yelled. Unable to ask Brian directly how he was getting along with Little Molly, Shirley had counted on Shawn. She had just heard the news from Richie that Brian had been in QY Island now, so she wanted to pry some information. However, she was very disappointed and piqued now, since Shawn was unwilling to let her in on the details.

"I don't care. Curse however much you like. I'm used to it. It's okay for me…" An indifferent sounding Shawn said, wearing a poker face. He was somewhat happy to run rings of mischief around Shirley, just to irritate her from time to time because he still took it to heart that Shirley had "looted" Richie away from him.

Satisfied to have sufficie

k. Although she hoped she'd recover, she didn't know how long it would be.

"Edgar is not a simple man. Stay far away from him!" In the snowy night, Brian sniffed. A tinge of jealousy echoed on his words.

Trying to hold back her bitterness and desolation, Molly curled her lips. Even though she didn't want to leave him. 'What can I do now?'

Thinking about it, Molly dropped her gaze and followed Brian. His steps were a bit faster for her; she almost trotted trying to keep up with him.

Noticing her struggle, Brian slowed down, a touch of complicated emotions flashing in his eyes.

In the shortest time, Tony was already at the authorization of the special passage. In this world, as long as you were rich and powerful, nothing would be out of your reach. It took a whole three days before Edgar learned that Brian and Molly had come back to A City.

It was already early morning when they arrived at the villa. Molly became very quiet because she could not speak. When they entered the villa, she went upstairs in silence.

Brian slightly frowned, seeing that she looked very thin even though she was wrapped in a thick down jacket. He followed Molly upstairs and walked her to her bedroom door.

Molly then stopped, turned around and looked at Brian with astonishment.

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