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   Chapter 220 In Her Eyes He Was Different! (Part One)

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Brian kept on staring at the words flashing on the phone screen motionless. When the screen dimmed automatically, he still didn't shift his gaze off the screen.

Molly stared at Brian. He had a handsome and attractive profile and always wore a cool and indifferent expression. Every time when she gazed upon him, she always felt he had an impersonal, freakish vibe like some fairy-tale character. What's more, his arrogance and aggressiveness were so off-putting and easily noticeable that anybody could tell.


Molly called him in silence. She didn't know why, but she just wanted to call him this way. By sheer coincidence or using telepathy, Brian turned around to look at her in the meantime.

This time Molly didn't avoid; she looked straight into Brian's eyes. She didn't know why. When she had been drugged and fainted yesterday, she had not been as scared as she had imagined. It seemed as if she had known that she'd pull through just fine. Maybe it was because like the proverbial cat with nine lives she had survived danger far too many times and she was used to it, or maybe it was her confidence in Brian coming to her rescue.

Waking up in the morning, Molly saw Brian's handsome face as soon as she opened her eyes. At that moment, she must have been relieved.

Fluttering her eyelashes, Molly licked her lips. Even though she knew he'd play his usual games, she still couldn't stop dreaming about the rosy things she knew he'd never agree to.

When her eyes misted because she had gone off into wild flights of fancy, a rough finger tip touched her face, gently stroked it from her cheek all the way to the corner of her cute mouth. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, Brian seemed to fancy this little trick, which Molly knew was nothing but a pretense of geniality. Because when she looked into his deep, cold eyes, any illusion she might have had about his friendliness was shattered again.

With a quiet sigh, she took the cell phone from Brian's hand, lowered her head,

rofits as possible from Aaron!"

"How about being friends with him, besides business and profits?" Shawn asked, raising his eyebrows.

"You can make friends with him, but that doesn't have to come at the expense of getting the best bargains for XK Intelligence Agency!" Nonchalantly Brian replied, and then without saying anything more, he walked straight to the plane.

"Bri..." Shawn's voice came from behind, but Brian didn't stop. Despite his arrogance, Shawn continued,"In your affections and obsessions with women, I'd advise that you leave some space for yourself. Otherwise, you might regret when things don't work out!" It seemed more like a worry than a warning.


Unmoved, Brian's mouth twisted in a contemptuous sneer. He then stopped, turned around and stared at Shawn, whose face had a girlish smoothness. Narrowing his sharp eyes, Brian said arrogantly,"I've never regretted anything in my life. If there is any chance, I'd like to have a try!"

Before Shawn could say anything more, Brian went straight and boarded. Shawn didn't move until he saw the plane take off and disappear into the endless blue sky. He sighed and murmured to himself,"You even killed people because of Molly, who you described as a plaything. Are you just that cold blooded? Or are you just fooling yourself as well as the others?"

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