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   Chapter 219 Be Stronger! (Part Four)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 5717

Updated: 2019-02-14 00:02

"I'm sorry but that is how it is, we have been unable to find any useful leads or information." Bill answered positively. Then, he raised his head and looked at Edgar in shock," Mayor, is it possible that you may have made some mistake on that very day?"

Edgar rubbed his chin with one hand as he thought back reflectively. He dropped his head and tried to hide the sparkle in his eyes. "Well, that may be a possibility," he said in a hushed tone. Moments later, he had apparently realized something as he raised his head, and asked," What's going on with Steven?"

Bill shook his head, twitched his lips and answered," Well nothing good. There is no lead even there. He has no significant criminal records, keeping aside occasional stealing and gambling. But, I was told that he had been quite lucky recently, and had ended up earning quite a chuck of money owing to this new-found talent."

"Oh, is that so?" Edgar was surprised upon hearing the revelation. Steven was gambling his money away. Of course, Edgar knew that he was being tricked deliberately by someone who wanted to see him punished. However, if he was making money... Some funny thoughts flashed in his mind instantly. A smile appeared around the corners of his mouth as he reflected. Then, he changed the topic and said," Track the movements and activities of Mr. Brian Long. If he comes back, I should be the first to be informed."

"Yes. I'll notify the ground staff at the airport immediately." Bill raised his eyebrows. "Mayor, I'll leave you alone if you have no other orders and leads to discuss."

Edgar nodded indicating his consent. Soon after Bill left him alone in his chamber, he leaned against the chair and blankly stared

ne and showed it to Brian. However, Brian looked away, and said coldly," Just forget about your foolish ideas and divert that attention towards getting better."

Molly glowered at Brian, and cursed herself for counting on him to take care of her. She honestly all this while thought he cared and was concerned about her. Now she was shaking with anger as she stubbornly put her mobile phone before Brian. To draw his attention, she slapped him on the arm, and urged him to glance at the message.

Brian looked at Molly, as he now clearly saw that she was fuming, which strangely made him feel better. He withdrew his glance from Molly and turned to the phone. It said," If I become a dumb, it's your fault, since it's you that brought me here. You can't give up on me, not just yet. You should take care of me for the rest of my life."

Brian stood aghast as he was taken aback after reading those words. He didn't expect Molly to react in such a harsh way. Molly's petty and clingy move should have made Brian feel repulsive. But surprisingly, that's not how he felt. On the contrary, the thought of suggestion simply comforted him.

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