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   Chapter 218 Be Stronger! (Part Three)

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"Well If you're speculating about my identity, instead why don't you think about how to deal with the old goats?" Brian said in a confident tone with disdain. Emp Exchange and Casino were generally the two places where most people indulged in luxury pursuits. Without immense influence and powerful positions in the society, no one could run these places well and also draw out profits.

"It may seem like... I obviously do overthink matters." Aaron smiled and seemed to have a moment of indulging in self-pity. However, within a few moments, after hearing what Eric had to say he turned his gaze to smile at Molly, recollected himself, and said," If you need anything, just let me know, Mr. Brian Long."

"No, you can relax as I assure you that I need nothing from you," answered Brian straightforwardly. "I'm leaving QY Island this afternoon."

"Well what's the rush?" asked Aaron curiously. His eyebrows were knitted.

Brian heaved a sigh of relief and answered in a soft tone," My people will be responsible for building the Casino. If it's done, I hope that you know how to handle and manage those old goats tactfully."

Aaron raised his eyebrows and smiled at Brian's remarks. "Mister, you may consider it done."

Brian did not speak any further as he stood up and walked right towards Molly.

Ken looked at Brian's receding figure. Also after getting annoyed with Brian's unwarranted arrogance, he said to Aaron," Your Highness, clearly he has gone too far and handled matters rather arrogantly."

Aaron's mouth moved into a frown with his lips tilted slightly at the corners. He rolled his eyes and said profoundly," Mark my words: He has the right to be as arrogant as he wants to be. I'll be seriously harmed and fooled if I do anything to make him my enemy. He's too dangerous for us to fight and deal with, so just buck up and deal with it. This being the case, I prefer to be on his good side as a friend."

Ken was confused by Aaron's observation. However, he respected his master with

without considering her feelings, that the drug has seriously harmed her vocal cord, and there are more chances that she can't speak again ever. If you don't love her, then why would you go to such lengths as to lie to her?

Is Brian really bothering to take care of another girl other than Wing?

Eric smiled as he wondered whether Becky would feel jealous if she found out how nicely Brian was treating Molly.

If Becky found out about this, instead of gloating over Becky's jealousy, Eric was distressed greatly thinking about her emotions, even though he didn't know why. Why? Perhaps, he just did not want to follow in Frank's footsteps and end up being miserable and all alone.

After all, one could get burnt just playing with fire. He didn't like the idea of getting hurt owing to these foolish pursuits.

Snapping back from his thoughts, Eric then stood up, paid the bill and left the restaurant.

Two bowls of fluid food were left on the table almost untouched as he set off at a brisk pace.

At the parliament building of A City.

Edgar was being briefed to all entirety on Bill's investigation report. Suddenly, he interrupted and asked in disbelief," Are you really saying that you can't find the Vice President's movement records? Are we really that incompetent when it comes to a matter of national security?"

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