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   Chapter 217 Be Stronger! (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6747

Updated: 2019-02-13 00:40

Eric picked up Molly's mobile phone instantly and curiously read it. 'Just tell me the truth, I can handle it: Is the damage so bad that from now on I am dumb?'

Emotions clearly reflected in Eric's eyes as her read the message. Molly's words hurt him badly, it felt like he was repeatedly stabbed by a blunt knife. His heart was bleeding, only with emotions he could not express. However, he had to betray his feelings and thoughts while answering to her. With a forced smile, he spoke to Molly," Now you're just imaging things. I agree, the current scenario is unexpected and scary, but that doesn't mean your worst fears will come true. Be strong and calm! Hahahah... Little Molly, even if you become dumb, well it's better for the rest of us because then you'll never argue with me," he cracked a joke to make light of the moment.

Molly couldn't help but frown as she wondered how Eric was joking in such a tense moment. Perhaps he was just pretending to be complacent as he imaged what the life would be if she couldn't talk any more. Then, she began to doubt her assumption.

Eric felt increasingly uncomfortable right then. The previous night, had he inquired further when he found the shells weren't real, the accident wouldn't have occur to begin with, Molly wouldn't have gotten drugged and harmed. He was to blamed for all this.

He sighed with overburdening guilt. Pretending to be composed and relaxed defying his actual thoughts, he tenderly tapped Molly's forehead. Seeing Molly snarl furiously, he couldn't help but smile. "Just eat your food. Otherwise, you will starve, and become a dead dumb girl," said Eric.

Molly wrinkled her nose and gave a snort out of sheer contempt. Looking away from Eric, she decided to ignore Eric's bid of cracking jokes. She knew that if she treated Eric nicely, he certainly would find her ungraceful and meek.

Molly and Eric were eating food in a relatively relaxed manner as they became to embrace silence. However, Brian, from time to time, glanced over h

which are capable of killing people in the manner it was. After ruling out all the other options based on what happened, I'm sure it must be XK!"

Aaron said slowly and confidently as he exhumed the plot, and maintained eye contact with Brian. He wanted to uncover some thing, anything useful, from Brian's eyes. But he failed. Mr. Brian Long was prudent and skilled at hiding his emotions and thoughts from others. There were counted people who had the ability to sense emotional changes from his countenance. He was indeed a genius, because even people much older, experienced and more prudent than him couldn't succeed at this feat.

"Well, I couldn't agree with your investigation any more." Brian answered blatantly. He was adept at reading people's mind and feelings. He had largely guessed what Aaron was thinking of right now. He would grow more suspicious if the problem was deliberately avoided. So, he bluntly asked," Is Shawn still at the QY Island now?"

Aaron's brow furrowed upon hearing his question. Last night, he wondered about the same thing. XK Intelligence Agency couldn't be accessed easily. Last time he took great efforts and pulled strings to reach an agreement with XL eventually. But Mr. Brian Long might have been acquainted with it, since XL wasn't the force that he could employ without paying a great price.

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