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   Chapter 216 Be Stronger! (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6439

Updated: 2019-02-13 00:42

"Rise and shine, it's early in the morning.

Yet this place is already bustling with customers and cheer. How wonderful this sight is!" A deep and amused voice was heard right before Eric walked into the restaurant dressed smartly in sportswear. Yesterday his unbridled passion had left him. And now after all that, he looked more relaxed, with a bright smile on his face.

Yet contrary to his good mood he gave Aaron a cold stare from across the room. Despite receiving Brian's indifferent gaze, he took a seat beside Molly, and ignored Aaron's lurking presence. Looking extremely arrogant and harassed, he called a waiter, and said," I'll have the same order as her."

"Just a moment, please," said the server in a polite manner as he hushed away amidst all the chaos. He had a forced smile on his face which was quite evident. Just standing there, he could sense the weird and tense atmosphere. Although Aaron was rarely known at QY Island, just the appearance of three outstanding men sitting there in a tense environment drew a lot of attention, and also somehow made all the people around quite nervous.

"Mr. Brian Long, do you mind if I have dinner with Lady Molly this evening?" Eric lifted his face gradually and stared back at Brian defiantly. There was an obvious look of complacency growing in his eyes.

However, Brian remained calm and maintained a calm look almost unaffected by Eric's clear disdain. Looking into his dark eyes, you could not sense what he was feeling let alone thinking. But deep down he disliked Eric.

Brian was convinced and had ever intention to ignore Aaron's presence. But he had to stand up and greet him, since somewhere he did actually admire his cold-blooded killer nature, and he also saw Eric come inside the room. It would have been impolite to ignore him.

The persistently arrogant and cold attitude from Brian and Eric didn't bother Aaron. Even though the political


Molly bit her lips, and her mood somehow became worse. She then took a quick glance at Brian who was engaged in an intense discussion with Aaron. She stretched out her hand and pointed a finger at her throat, as if asking Brian to explain why she couldn't talk when she tried so hard.

After retrospecting for a long moment, Eric went on speaking in an apologetic tone," Yesterday you were drugged, and had completely passed out. The drug you inhaled involuntarily has caused your tonsils to inflame, and as a result your vocal cords were damaged. So, you can't speak temporarily."

Molly stared at Eric in shock, and wanted to find some loop hole from his expression. However, just like Brian, he chose his words carefully, and looked worried at the same time. Moreover, Brian and him shared the same reason and sentiment behind their actions. Although she should have trusted their words blindly, she could not help but grow increasingly worried deep down.

She got anxious and worried about the matter. She pursed her lips and an idea suddenly came to her. She blinked as she instantly took out her mobile phone from her bag knowing what had to be done. She typed some words on the screen in haste and then strategically placed the phone right in front of Eric.

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