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   Chapter 215 Killing The Ultimate Rage (Part Five)

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Brian did not respond. The silence made the air tenser. "You know me. Molly and I, we have no conflict between us. I would never do anything to harm her. It just doesn't make sense. You got to trust me, brother," Eric continued, in a rather anxious tone.

Of course, Brian knew him. Eric was always jealous and eager about stealing things away from him. But when he couldn't get his hands on it, he would give up. He was the kind of person who did not really cross the line. Brian said,"I don't want to talk about it anymore. And I don't want people to know about the Pluto either."

"Yes, I know. I totally understand. It is my fault that I overlooked the danger. I will clean up the mess. It won't happen again," Eric reassured. Eric was not the kind of person who would run away from his responsibility. The Pluto turned out to be the first present that he had ever given to Molly, and it might also have been the first present Molly had received from anyone. He didn't want to see Molly come into any trouble on account of it. Maybe he just liked it when Molly wore it around her neck. Especially since it was a present from him, which made it even more special for him. He didn't want Molly to lose his present.

A little while after Brian got off the phone, Molly appeared. She had taken a shower and had changed into clean clothes. Her long, silky hair fell idly on her shoulders and the enticing smell of her shampoo wafted in the air. She looked a little better after a whole night's sleep.

Molly stood by the door and watched Brian as he rose up from the couch. She opened her mouth and pointed at her throat with her forefinger. She wanted to tell him that as long as she didn't talk, she wouldn't feel the pain. She still doubted if it was really just a throat inflammation.

Brian glanced at her, but paid no heed to her sign. He did not want to explain and depress her. The night before, he had ordered XK Intelligence Agency to spread the word and look for th

and turned his face away.

Ken, who had come with Aaron, was now full of fury and insult hearing Brian's insolence. He remembered their last encounter with Eric in A city, when he had behaved very impudently to Aaron. He had not expected at all that Brian would be much ruder!

He couldn't imagine anyone who would dare be this rude to Aaron in this QY Island.

There was a moment of silence. The atmosphere was dense and filled with intensive tension. Molly felt lost and bewildered. She had no idea what she was supposed to do. It was as if there was a ticking bomb, which was ready to explode the minute one of the men loses his temper. She looked innocently at Brian, then at Aaron. She somehow had a feeling that what they were talking about had something to do with her.

"Just eat your food," came Brian's compulsive voice again. Molly recoiled at the order and instantly came back from her trance. Obediently, she lowered her head and started eating her porridge.

After seeing everything with his own eyes, Aaron did not show any emotion on his face. His face was steady, calm and indifferent, as if nothing Brian had said irritated him.

"What is going on here? Isn't it a little early for a show?" came a voice full of tease and mockery.

Instantly, the diner was enveloped by an ominous cloud.

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