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   Chapter 214 Killing The Ultimate Rage (Part Four)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6475

Updated: 2019-02-13 00:02

Molly's eyes widened and she stared directly into his eyes, reading his mind and his feelings through those deep and attractive eyes. She strove to recollect what had happened the day before, trying to put together the fragments in her mind. Everything was a blur. She could not tell whether they were dreams or realities which had actually happened to her. She vaguely remembered the shock and fear she had felt as she walked through the pathway under the shadow of the night and someone had suddenly covered her mouth from behind. She remembered how utterly scared she was as she blacked out. After that, her memories were hazy. She couldn't remember much clearly.

Molly's eyes widened more thinking about the terror she had felt when her mouth was covered from behind. It was like something horrible or some unnatural evil spirit had crept out from the shadow of the night and dragged her into hell. She wanted to scream, she wanted to tell him what had happened to her, how terrified she was, to ask him why she was here. She doubted if she really was alive and rescued and wondered if everything she was seeing or feeling now was just a delusion of her terrified mind. She paid no heed to Brian's warning, opened her mouth and struggled to scream.

The intolerable pain in the throat sobered her up from her hallucination. But again, there was no sound, no more than some shattered, almost inaudible voice. She felt something amiss with her throat. She doubted if it was really just a throat inflammation like he had said. Unlike the throat inflammations she had had before or seen so far, this was too severe and it almost made her mute and she was in so much pain. She felt like she was being stabbed by a knife in her throat.

Brian just sat there and watched her pallid face twitch in mixed feelings, and he watched her suffering. Unlike her, who was always revealing her thoughts and feelings through her eyes, she could not

not the point. As grateful as I am, he is only doing this for his own good. He wants to break through my defense and fulfill his own nasty wishes. I cannot be so silly as to give in so easily. There is no way that he is attached to me,"

Molly sat up at the thought, sighing. After a moment, she pulled herself up and slipped out from under the quilt. She went into the shower and felt calmer as the warm water flowed steadily through her body.

Brian sat in the couch, his long slender legs extended and overlapped. He picked up the phone on the table and made a call. From the other end of the phone, came Eric's vague, blurry hello. Brian asked,"You knew that the necklace you gave Molly was not a shell, didn't you?"

"What? What did you say?" Eric pinched the middle of his brows, completely sobered up by Brian's question. He stared at the light on the roof for a moment, trying to find a good way to explain it to him. "Yes, I knew that it was not a shell. But I promise you that I never expected that this would happen. If I had known it was the Pluto, all this wouldn't have happened,"

Eric said. His mind retreated to what had happened at the auction exchange the day before. He did not comprehend why he did it. Maybe it was pure curiosity, or maybe he was just bored.

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