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   Chapter 213 Killing The Ultimate Rage (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6406

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They were either groaning in pain or lying there unconscious.

Philip scoured the area around him. Though the sheer number of people Shawn had brought along frightened him, he did not reveal those emotions in front of them. He picked himself up and strove to remain calm as he spoke,"You cannot harm me, not unless you want to offend Aaron. He said he would assure my safety on this island."

It was true that no one would dare oppose Aaron, whether on QY Island or any other place. That was also one of the reasons why Philip went more rampant. His auction exchange was also in many ways under Aaron's protection.

Shawn smiled wickedly at him and in a split second, that smile faded away as if a snowstorm blew over and left everything behind frozen. "All you need to know is that no one would live once Brian decides that he wants them dead," he said furiously.

In an instant, Shawn leapt up from the ground and kicked Philip square in the face. Reflexively, Philip crossed his arms over his head to protect his face from the blow. Shawn used his crossed arms as support for his one leg as he took a brisk turn in the air and kicked straight at Philip's chest with his other leg.

Philip regained his footing after taking several steps backwards. He felt a warm, rusty smell wafting in his mouth and a thin stream of blood appeared from the corner of his mouth and trickled along his chin.

Shawn watched Philip in disgust,"I hate it the most when someone tries to intimidate me," he said defiantly.

Shawn swooped forward for a second strike. And Philip, after receiving his first hit, was now wary and annoyed. The two men instantly went into a severe tussle, they shattered and destroyed each other under the deathly stillness of the night that echoed the rustling of the hollow noise.

The brawl went on for about twenty minutes, till Shawn got bored and decided to end it. While Philip was still

m. She wanted to see him, wanted to reach out to him. Slowly, she opened her eyes.


Brian stooped down and brought his face close to her's, anxious to see if she would wake up fully and hoped for a miracle to happen. As she opened her eyes faintly, Molly realized that Brian was right in front of her, his face so close that she could even feel his warm breath, his eyes so full of eagerness, though weary from the night's dread. It was not a dream. He was right there, right in front of her. She recoiled, blushed instantly and exclaimed.

But there was no sound.

A pang of pain struck her, as if her throat had been sliced apart. She swallowed; the pain traveled deeper and deeper until it was impossible for her to bear. Her throat trembled, her brows knotted and she gasped heavily.

Seeing her suffer, a flame of rage and sorrow fell over Brian's heart. He found himself worrying about her far more than he thought he would. He reached out his hand and caressed her trembling throat with his fingertip gently, as if to coax her. "The doctor said that you have throat inflammation. And it is rather severe. He said that you shouldn't talk until your throat heals. So, you'd better listen to him if you want to recover soon," he said as a gentle warning.

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