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   Chapter 212 Killing The Ultimate Rage (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6781

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It was obvious that Philip's men were unable to fight the mercenaries' severe and well-trained attack. One after the other, his men were defeated and fell down in no time. Shawn stood there and watched them fight. Suddenly, he burst out laughing. He was amused by the bloodbath. The XK Intelligence Agency mercenary stood beside him, shocked by the inhumane laugh.

From the moment the killing began, Shawn had not averted his eyes. He was absorbed into the fight, which was now becoming more and more thrilling and it fascinated him. After a short gunfight, the mercenaries were no longer using their weapons. They started tussling with Philip's men, who were now utterly scared and distressed by the fight. But as soon as the killing started, there was no way they could escape. The mercenaries also made a perimeter around the place, pushing back anyone who struggled to break through. There was not the slightest hope for Philip's people. They were all but doomed.

The killing did not last long. At the end, everyone in the perimeter were down except Philip himself. Some of the injured were crawling on the ground on their bruised hands and knees, still struggling to escape with their life. The rest were either dead, or unconscious or just too injured to get up again.

"Oops, what cruelty! Do you think Brian would be mad?" Shawn mocked. He was very much intrigued by the sight which was unfolded in front of him. His enchanting eyes filled with indescribable thrill and obsession. "Looks like Little Brian is far more cruel than Richie. No doubt he could defeat anybody who stands in his way. He was born to rule and dominate," he replied to his own question.

As he stood there, watching the fight come to a close, Shawn's mind drifted away to how Brian had behaved earlier and what had happened to Molly today. And the moment Molly's face came to his mind, his eyes narrowed and his brows knotted in dissatisfaction. For more reasons than one, he did not appreciate Molly being with Brian. He snorted lightly at t

for too long, you are bound to step on something sharp at some point. You got to stop and avoid the sharps before it pricks you. Just like how in your life, there are always some people...certain people whom you should never offend."

Philip's eyes narrowed in humiliation,"What do you mean?" he asked.

"What do I mean?" Shawn rolled his eyes and sighed; he was almost insulted by such a stupid question. "I mean, you offended someone that you shouldn't have offended! You understand?" He raised his voice as he spoke the last sentence,"You didn't have to drag so many people into trouble, you know. Look how this has ended now. You should never have offended Brian in the first place," he continued.

Philip's eyes became dull and gloomy. Looking at Shawn's wicked, shifty face and hearing him gloat over his tragedy, Philip had a sudden urge to rip apart his pretty face.

"I know you only did all this for money. Then why did you go beyond what was necessary? Why didn't you just take the Pluto and leave? What was the need for taking her and drugging her?" A shadow of pity swept through Shawn's face as he spoke,"Look how this has ended for you. You should know that there is no escape for anyone who hurts or offends him. He always wins in the end. Just like how he has won now." He stopped talking and looked at the men on the ground.

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