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   Chapter 211 Killing The Ultimate Rage (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6704

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"It is just that she was drugged with a local medicine, and the effect of this medicine is pretty strong.

I am afraid that there might be some consequences."

Brian's eyes narrowed and his tension was evident. He glared at the doctor with his sharp, terrifying eyes. A shiver of fright traveled through the doctor's veins. He was too scared to continue talking.

"What consequences?" Brian asked nervously. Eric frowned, his handsome face showed anger and anxiety. Seeing how emotional Eric was at that moment, Lenny's eyes filled with jealousy.

"She might..." The doctor muttered. Much as he strove to explain the situation in better words, he could not find a proper way to explain her condition without the danger of being punished by the two men in front of him. Eric and Brian were fairly younger than him, but their chilly and ghastly eyes betrayed their age and the doctor couldn't dare say anything that would make them angry.

"She might not be able to speak again?" Brian asked, trying to stay calm as best as he could. His tone sounded indifferent, as if he was just stating the facts after assessing the situation rather than being worried for a person that he actually cared about.

Realizing that there was no other way around, the doctor nodded his head lightly. His lips quivered, struggling to overcome the fear in his mind. "This is not the first time I am seeing a patient like this on QY Island. I have seen plenty of patients with the same symptoms, but unfortunately, no one has ever been cured so far. This drug causes severe damage to the patient's throat. There are also chances of damage occurring to the whole vocal system. "So..." he stammered.

"No one has ever been cured? Are you sure that there is no other way?" asked Brian, in an unconcerned way, but no one confronted him. Although he already knew that there might be consequences, he had not excepted it to be so severe.

The doctor pondered over it for a little while before he spoke again,"It might not be

it until she woke up. But he could not reveal his concern for her in front of Lenny, and especially in front of Brian. So he convinced himself to stay calm and hid his concern deliberately. "Is this how you are going to let it end?" he asked defiantly.

Brain lifted his head to look again at Eric. He did not answer. After a while, he uncrossed his legs and walked slowly to the window, with his hands in his pant pockets. As he stood there, the dim light reflected his image onto the windowpane, the figure was full of aloofness and insolence.

"Nothing will end as long as I don't wish it to. And no matter who, he will pay for what he did," came his impassive and chilly voice.

His words were vague and Eric could not grasp the full meaning of it. He furrowed his brows, walked ahead and stood behind him, watching his insolent back with a glimpse of scrutiny. He sensed something different about Brian, but he couldn't point out what it really was.

At that very moment, a dreary and tense atmosphere wafted in the air in Philip's base. Shawn stood leaning against his SUV, with his arms across his chest, his gun clutched without purpose in his hand. His enchanting eyes looked ahead keenly. Though he was clearly a man, his elegant face and his enchanting eyes were all so womanly that anyone would feel enticed by them.

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