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   Chapter 210 Fearless And Relentless (Part Two)

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From the back of the curtain came a scream and then a dull thud of something heavy hitting the floor. The man behind the curtain hardly had the time to make a dodge before the bullet caught him in the head. Blood welled from the wet red hole between his wide open eyes. He didn't have the slightest idea how Brian could be sure of his position and how he could draw a gun so fast.

The auctioneer wanted to run away, but his knees were too weak to move. He shivered as Brian turned to look at him, then his whole body began to tremble with fear.

"Open it!" the cold voice sounded flat and emotionless. But Eric and Tony were acutely aware of Brian's black fury beneath his calm surface.

Tony stared at the floating figure in the tank and sighed. Never in all Brian's life had he been defied and riled up like this.

The auctioneer pulled himself together and walked toward the tank, his whole body trembling with fear. When he tried to open the lock, his clumsy hands shook so badly he couldn't put the key into the lock. It didn't help that he clearly felt the dark tension radiating in waves from Brian.

"This deal is off!"

A cold voice broke in just as the auctioneer dropped his key for the third time. This sudden voice brought astonishment to everyone's face. The rule was that once the item was sold the buyer could take it away after he paid the bill. The seller had no right to call off a deal.

Brian lowered his eye to look at the key on the floor, a slight twist on his lips. He didn't even bother to check who was speaking and only repeated to the auctioneer. "Open it!"

It was the same two words. But the feeling was different. The auctioneer sensed the threat hidden in that calm voice. If he didn't open the tank quickly enough… He would be dead soon!

The auctioneer didn't know what to do. He looked at Brian, then turned to Philip who approached with an easy stride.

"You need to learn some rules!" Philip said coldly as he assessed the man in front of him with sharp impassiveness. This auction drew a lot of people from underworld organizations, but none of them was as bold as this man.

Brian turned around slowly and his black eyes fell on Philip. With an arched brow he asked,"And if I don't?"

He said slowly

ful sneer.

Philip didn't take Brian's words seriously. He gave a tiny gesture to his men to follow Brian. Aaron took in his movement and let out a small sigh,"If I were you, if I still want to stay alive, I'd flee QY Island as soon as possible. All these things you have done are useless."

Then Aaron left. Brian's presence was completely unexpected. When he heard the news, Aaron was intrigued. He asked about the details of the additional item and much to his surprise, the woman with Brian had been taken by Philip's men.

"Your Highness," Ken asked as he drove along, worried. "Is Mr. Brian going to kill Philip?"

"I have no idea." Aaron frowned. No doubt Brian would make a worthy friend. But at this moment Aaron didn't know too much about him. Brian wasn't a man you could read easily. It was hard to tell what he would do after all he had been through. It seemed that Philip would have to be left to his fate at the end.


Shortly after Brian took Molly back to the hotel, Eric brought the doctor over. The doctor gave Molly a full workup and said,"She is fine. It is just…"

"Just what?" As Brian locked his eyes on the doctor, Eric frowned and asked immediately.

"This lady is not in danger. She is unconscious because she was drugged. She will wake up after the effects wear off. It's just…" the doctor paused, grimaced at the black fury written on Brian's face and continued,"It's just that she has been given something else, something that would keep her quiet. I am afraid…"

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