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   Chapter 209 Fearless And Relentless (Part One)

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With a click, a strong light was cast on a crystal tank on the dais.

The tank lit up everyone's eyes.

It was almost two meters high, shining iridescently under the light.

Inside the tank was something that really made people hold their breath - a mermaid, floating in the water.

Acting mermaid, Molly wore a costume with shimmering scales, covering her body from the soft breasts all the way down to the toes. The fishtail parts and fins wrapped her legs and feet in, showcasing a tempting curve. Her long hair hung loosely around her body, rippling in the flow of water like the softest silk. Brilliant light flooding into the tank fell on the crystal wall and reflected, ricocheting in every direction. The impression danced across her breathtaking body, coating her with a mysterious luminescence. Her bare skin seemed impossibly fairer in the swaying light. The whole scene was enthralling. Almost unreal.

The hall buzzed with boisterous excitement. For a moment everyone forgot about Pluto. The whole audience was blown away by the beauty of the mermaid, and none seemed to think straight anymore.

Pluto was lying serenely on Molly's cleavage. Somehow Philip managed to get the necklace fixed there. It didn't float in the water, but it swayed lightly along the flow. But all eyes were on her tempting bust which was half wrapped by scales.

It was uncomfortable. She wanted to say something but the words caught in her throat. She felt as though her throat was burning, yet she couldn't find the strength in her to open her eyes. The water covered her, pressed her and carried her along. Trapped and helpless, there was nothing she could do but wait for her salvation like a delicate mermaid.

In less than half a minute, the auctioneer's voice pulled everyone's mind back to the present,"Now, for Pluto, we'll start the bidding at 10 million dollars and a bid increment at 1 million!"

Before he could finish his sentence, Brian had already walked out, Eric trailing behind. Lenny and Tony followed. The four of them were well out of the hall when the first bid was called out.

Molly was revolving slowly in the tank while the bids shot up. It wouldn't be a bad deal even if Pluto couldn't lead them to the treasures. They could always sell it for a handsome profit.

In less than one minute, the bid went up to 20 million. It was a price that made a lot of people hesitate. But among today's guests, there was lots of old-money with a

wl. Tony's bullet had slid across his chiseled face and made a cut. For an instant, no one moved. Stunned, everyone looked at the foreigner. Some woman covered their face with their hands uncontrollably as if they had felt the same pain.

Tony withdrew his gun, his face impassive.

Far away that foreigner covered his face with his hand, grimaced in pain. Brian looked down at him and continued. "55 million." There was ice in his voice.

Silence fell. Breathing slowed. All eyes were on Brian, yet when he stared back, they lowered their eyes to avoid his dark gaze.

The auctioneer froze. He had never thought that someone would dare break Philip's rules.

Eric gave a light smile, he glanced at Brian and then his vibrant eyes fell on the auctioneer, whose brain lurched back to gear. In some haste the auctioneer called out,"That is 55 million, going once. Going twice. Sold!" His voice cracked under the strain, his hand shaking as he banged his hammer.

Switching his eyes away from the foreigner, Brian moved to the dais. He was not fast, but as he got closer to the tank, he exuded a colder and grimmer air.

Nobody moved. All eyes followed him as he walked. Just before he could reach the tank, a gun stuck out of the curtain and aimed at his head. Brian's mouth curved to a cold sneer, his eyes dark and stormy. The tension in the air was becoming unbearable and even breathing was an effort. Everyone in the hall felt the palpable unease and strained to watch. In the blink of an eye, Brian drew his gun and shot. He did this without so much as a glance at the curtain. His action was casual, almost a little reckless.

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