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   Chapter 208 Secret Trading At Auctions (Part Four)

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The older man said,"It's been said that there are great ancient Greek treasures hidden in the engraved text on the Pluto."

He looked at Philip. "Don't you want to get your hands on those treasures?"

The taller man had a far-away look.

"Of course I want to get my hands on them!"

His voice sounded dreamy. "Who can refuse such a temptation?"

Then his tone changed to match the scary smile on his lips. "But has anyone ever found these treasures since ancient times?" he inquired.

"I've also learned that people seeking for treasures almost always end up cursed. But I am not as stupid as they are!"

He puffed in pride. "I need to be certain in whatever I do."

The white-haired man only smiled but said nothing. Philip was greedy, and he always knew what he wanted and would stop at nothing to get it. It was no wonder he had made a big splash when it came to secret trading.

"Now, what are you going to do with the girl?" he pointed at Molly.

Philip glanced at the unconscious Molly and didn't answer. She wasn't stunningly beautiful, but she did have alabaster skin and long eyelashes that probably hid a pair of beautiful eyes. And when he stared at her, it felt like there was something mysterious surrounding her. It was like something waiting to be explored in her body, akin to the Pluto.

As he pondered this, Philip gently rubbed the Pluto with his fingers and coldly said,"Why don't we use her to show the Pluto at tonight's auction?"

The older man was taken aback.

"But, will she be obedient?" he worried.

It didn't sound like a good idea.

With a sneer, Philip ordered,"Put her in the crystal bucket and give her the medicine so she'll be unable to speak!"


The auction hall was filled with people from all over the world. Everyone who was a collector of treasures seemed to be present. It was attended by the very rich and powerful. Even some government officials came.

It was not hard to imagine how attractive Philip's auction would be.

Brian had yet to speak since entering the hall. He sat quietly, drinking liquor and watching everything that was happening. It was disgusting to look at the beautiful waitresses who m

ed with the bracelet on hand. When he saw Tony approaching him, Brian stood up to leave.

"Brian, are you leaving already?" Eric inquired.

"Don't you even want to have a look at the Pluto?"

Eric continued to convince his cousin to stay, but Brian said firmly,"I'm not interested in it."

His face remained impassive. He turned around and headed for the door without hesitation. But suddenly, Brian felt uneasy, as if something bad was about to happen to Molly. He was worried about her and wanted to leave the auction quickly to see if Molly arrived at the hotel safely.

Eric shrugged as Brian headed for the exit, and stood up to follow his cousin. The truth was the Pluto did not interest him as well, nor did he want to stay longer in the auction. The only reason he came was to be with Brian, who wanted to buy the bracelet for Aunt Shirley. Aside from accompanying his cousin, it would give him a chance to experience the so-called Supreme Auction organized by Philip. Not surprisingly, the items auctioned off by Philip tonight were different from those at yesterday's auction. All those items were antiques dating back to thousands of years.

And they were treasures valued by people from many countries around the world.

The emcee announced,"The next item up for auction tonight is also the last item on the program. It's the Pluto!"

As Brian and Eric were approaching the exit, a bright light hit the crystal bucket on stage.

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