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   Chapter 207 Secret Trading At Auctions (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7030

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Brian's eyes suddenly flashed with excitement. He still remembered competing with Richie in France for that particular bracelet to give Shirley. He was only five years old then.

More than two decades have passed, and he never expected to find a similar bracelet in QY Island after all this time. He was certain Richie would want these two pieces and maybe, he could make a nice profit off him.

"I'll be right there," Brian told Eric and hung up the phone.

He turned to Molly and said,"I have to go somewhere, so I'll have Tony take you back to the hotel." She was stunned at his sudden decision to leave.

"I can go back to the hotel myself," Molly answered sharply.

The sudden turn of events depressed her even more, and she couldn't even understand why.

Brian frowned at her tone. Eyes still focused on Molly he asked,"Are you sure?"

"The hotel is just around the corner. I can find my way," she sounded irritated.

Afraid to lose her way, Molly memorized the route on the drive to the restaurant from the hotel.

He stared at the woman. After a moment, he told her coolly,"Do whatever you want!" Brian's lips barely moved as he spoke.

With that, he stood up and walked out of the restaurant. Tony followed him after giving Molly a brief look.

She was clutching the fork tightly that her hand began to hurt. Molly tried to control her heaving chest by breathing deeply. She was so frustrated because she didn't even know why she was angry.

Several minutes after Brian left, she finally laid the fork down on her plate and asked the waiter for the bill. Her mood had not improved as she headed for the door.

Standing in front of the restaurant entrance, she paused and tilted her head. The dark blue night sky was lit up by the glow of the full moon. Molly gazed at the stars, spread like tiny pearls around the moon. It was a breathtaking view.

However, Molly was in no mood to appreciate the spectacular night scene. Her perspective was nowhere near romantic. Instead, she saw the dense stars as eyes of people laughing at her being alone.

She withdrew her gaze

ron, one of the most powerful persons in QY Island, needed an invitation to attend that night's auction. And he could not get in using yesterday's invitation. Even calling in special favors, it cost him a lot of time and energy to secure an invitation, which he only received late in the afternoon. So it puzzled Eric how Brian got his so quickly.

Brian looked at him smugly and said,"I don't mind using special means to get what I want."

Eric raised his eyebrows and kept quiet. He still smiled and was quite playful, but there was a hint of fierceness behind his eyes.

He understood what Brian meant. When you have the means, the process was irrelevant. What was always important was the result.


"It's Pluto!" a man declared with certainty.

The assertion was made after careful study. The speaker was a man with thinning white hair and round eyes. He was talking to a taller man with short hair.

"It has been lost for half-a-century," he claimed.

Philip examined the small shell with a magnifying glass and said almost reverently,"Now, it's here."

He tried deciphering the ancient Greek text engraved on the shell but gave up. With a sly smile, he wondered about its value while twirling the small shell in his finger. Then he told the other gentleman,"There are two extremely valuable items for auction today."

He looked at the shell again. "It's quite interesting."

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