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   Chapter 206 Secret Trading At Auctions (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7326

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It wasn't the first time she'd seen him immersed in work, but somehow, today he looked appealing even when Molly had no idea what he was doing.

Brian was having a technical discussion with another person on screen, nothing of which made sense to Molly. But she felt the man's domineering spirit just by the way he talked.

His profile was beautiful, Molly noted, as she stared at him thoughtfully. It was like a sculptor's masterpiece, perfectly presented.

Initially, she occasionally stole glances at Brian. Then she couldn't control herself and became fixated with his face. And Molly didn't even realize what she was doing.

He knew Molly was staring at him but ignored it. Brian focused on Harrow's face on the computer screen as he continued to give orders related to their discussion. More than an hour later, he ended the video call and suddenly turned to look at Molly.

She felt more than saw Brian's sharp and cold eyes on her and snapped out of her illusions. Molly blushed with embarrassment and hurriedly tried to defend herself. "I… I wasn't staring at you!" she stammered.

'All right! That was a lie, and you know it, ' Molly paused to think.

"No, I mean I was looking at you because…" she wanted to cry.

She'd just confessed to the man and didn't know how to get out of the embarrassing situation.

Molly covered her face with her hands and bit her lips in shame. What had she said?

Brian was now staring at Molly, fascinated by her facial expressions that changed by the second. Now, it was a mixture of chagrin and innocence.

His lips curved into a small, unobtrusive smile. Teasingly, he asked,"Did I say something?"

Molly opened her mouth to say something then closed it.

Flustered, she blinked repeatedly. She was at a loss for words. Brian was right. He hadn't said anything, yet why was she so anxious?

"I…uhm…I…" she stammered.

There was no reasonable excuse to explain her behavior, so she opted to resort to anger. It should help cover up the awkwardness she felt. "Never you mind! It's none of your business!"

Brian hid a smile, slightly wrinkled his brow and stood up. Loudly, he ordered,"Go get changed."

"Why? Where are w


More specifically, he was staring at the shell hanging around her neck.

A ringing phone suddenly broke the uneasy atmosphere between the two. Brian, with his face still impassive, answered his phone. "What is it?" he asked the caller.

"Brian, there's an auction tonight. Are you interested?" It was Eric on the other end of the line, the source of his displeasure. "It's a Supreme Auction that's only held once a year."

Excitedly he shared,"And I heard there a plenty of valuable things up for bidding!"

Brian didn't answer. He kept staring at Molly, who was using her fork to poke at the steak. With her head down, she appeared to be murdering the piece of meat. His eyes narrowed as he continued to watch her and asked,"You were there yesterday, weren't you?"

"But I didn't see anything interesting yesterday," Eric explained.

"Tonight's auction, however, is different from the one yesterday," he said, while smiling.

"I heard there's a bracelet at tonight's auction, which makes a pair with Aunt Shirley's. These two bracelets are engraved with mandarin duck patterns*", he revealed.

(*TN: The mandarin duck symbolizes the love between a husband and wife)"

"Really?" Brian rolled his eyes, unimpressed.

"Are you sure that the bracelet matches that of Shirley's?" he inquired, slightly curious.

"Hahaha!" Eric gave a loud chuckle.

"Why would I be calling you now if I wasn't sure about the information?" he replied.

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