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   Chapter 204 Loving in Silence (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7130

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He leaned her face near her, flashing a weird smile. Instinctively, she moved back a bit for space. "Don't tell me you don't have one?" he softly spoke.

She swallowed hard, guilt eating her up. Of course, she hadn't thought of one. Instead, she avoided her eyes from him.

"Haven't you thought of escaping from my cousin, Molly?" he repeated his question. His face inched closer, his warm minty breath fanning over her face. She moved her back farther from him, causing her to move her injured ankle. This made her groan in pain. Eric noticed her distress and looked down to her ankle, which looked similarly close to a steamed bun. An expression of pity grew from his face but he hastily dismissed it as he spoke,"Please tell me once you make up your mind. I can help you escape from him."

Those promising words echoed loudly in her mind. She was silent as she thought about it thoroughly, only staring at his ruggedly handsome face. But she made herself believe he was making fun of her and pushed him away,"Thank you for the offer but I don't need your help!"

Molly was about to stand from the bed when Eric held her hand, stopping her.

"Where are you going? Your foot is still hurting," he asked with a frown on his face.

"I'm going back to the hotel!

I've been outside for a long time!" she explained.

She hoped that Brian was the person who would run after her and find her. But she would rather have Brian not find her or he might believe she did that on purpose to gain his attention. He might find another way to torture her.

There were two reasons for keeping this to herself. First, it was unnecessary. Second, she believed she meant nothing to Brian. Honestly, she didn't want to be seen as conceited.

However, Eric could see all of her worries that were clear on her eyes. He sighed and carried her in his arms, walking out of the hospital and into the waiting car despite all her squalls to put her down. He deposited her carefully into the car seat.

The drive remained silent up until they reached the hotel. Inhaling some courage, she had decided to walk by herself. But as soon as she step

moment ago, her emotions were going haywire. His cousin might be a walking stone, but he noted the slight expression of pity and concern Brian showed as he stared at her ankle before it vanished quickly. He was starting to develop feelings for Molly, but with Becky's arrival, this could probably end in a mess.

"I will call for room service in a minute. For the meantime, I will rub some oil on your feet."

He couldn't stop at getting his emotion worked up, but he didn't care.

The food was delivered to the room later that afternoon. Molly ate half-heartedly, her appetite gone with her emotions getting the best of her. She laid on the bed upon finishing her food. Eric was preparing to rub the oil on her leg when his phone rang. He answered it, listening attentively to the other side before ending the call. He hurriedly went out without saying anything to the startled Molly.

Blinking in surprise, Molly took the bottle of medicinal oil and smiled bitterly. She thought, even he was gone in an instant. She looked for the instructions and started rubbing the oil on her injured ankle by herself. She felt the pain as she rubbed and slowed her movements, carefully touching her own ankle.

She whispered some incoherent words as the pain gnawed at her.

Her attention was solely focused on the pain she felt during her massage that she failed to notice a pair of dark, piercing eyes trailing on her.

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