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   Chapter 203 Loving in Silence (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7333

Updated: 2019-02-10 01:41

All of his actions were stupid.

All that he did was for nothing, he bitterly thought.

His arms tightened around her, making her uncomfortable with pressure and pain. She cried out for release but he refused to let go.

He hated the fact that she was his cousin's lover. The reality of not having her pained him greatly. No matter how their relationship ended, she would never be his. Frustrated, he told himself not to fall for his cousin's woman.

Releasing her from his hold, he stared at her while she glared at him in return. He wore his infamous roguish smile. There was a daring glint on his deep-set eyes and an expression on his striking face that she failed to define.

Molly rubbed her arms. She was about to yell at him when she noticed his smirk and gave up. She would have to let this one go, she thought. "Why are you here?" she asked despite feeling hesitant.

"I came to pick a stray cat up. Got it?"

Eric stood and instantly sat right next to her, closer to her this time. "That stray cat gets a bad sense of direction. She needs my guidance," he explained, smiling at her.

Angry to an extent where her mouth was slightly trembling from it, she shouted at him. "Am I? You're the stray cat here! You're the one with no sense of direction!"

He was truly having the time of his life by teasing her. "Are you not lost?" he asked.

"I…," she evaded his eyes and focused on something else. Caught off-guard by his question, Molly chose to keep quiet. She turned around and saw his face which further added to her annoyance and anger.

He could see that she was truly mad. She was always like this. He could see past her actions and emotions, as she could not hide them from her eyes.

It was disappointing to see her expression.

A palpable pain dawned on him upon knowing she was upset to see him.

She looked like she was waiting for someone else.

Was she expecting to see Brian?

Despite being uncomfortable, he was willing to be by her side. "I told you before that whenever you need me, I will appear in front of you as soon as I can. I'm your hero."

With his words, Molly turned to him in disbelief, her eyes wide in astonishment. Eric's fa

dark, his eyes turning fierce and sharp. He started his car and quickly made a sharp turn, speeding off to the hotel.

Meanwhile, Eric reached the best hospital in QY Island and took Molly into a specialist. The doctor assessed her legs thoroughly then run some tests. "Thankfully, what you've experienced was only a minor sprain. There is nothing to worry about it. Just have some rest at home and you're good to go. I will also prescribe some medicinal oil to hasten the healing and ease the pain," the doctor reassured. He smiled at Molly but gave Eric a grudging look, to which the latter ignored. After some health reminders, the doctor left them alone.

Molly caught the doctor's expression earlier and was about to ask when she clearly heard the doctor's hard voice behind the door.

"Who are you to demand a specialist to see a minor sprain? Do you think you and your family own this hospital?!" the doctor exclaimed, his voice harsh.

Molly hesitantly looked up to Eric, but it seemed like he didn't give a damn about what the doctor had said. Instead, he shrugged and said,"You looked like you were in great pain back there, so I thought you broke your bone. For the sake of your future escape plan, please look out of yourself, especially your feet."

He looked at her feet as he spoke.

Molly's mouth was slightly open in amazement until she realized his words. "What 'escape plan' are you talking about?" she asked as she glared at him.

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