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   Chapter 202 Loving in Silence (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7438

Updated: 2019-02-10 01:37

Defeated, Molly found herself walking in the cold streets of QY Island. The place was crowded with other people, doing their own businesses.

How stupid could she get? She felt like a laughing stock in the eyes of all the people in that place. It made her miserable but she couldn't do anything but move on and forget.

While looking around, she spotted a lone small fountain at the center of a square. She walked closer to the fountain and sat on the steps besides it, ignoring the intricate detail of the design or the blazing heat of the afternoon sunlight.

There was hollowness on her heart. She wanted to stop this emotion but her body and her heart were winning against her mind. Her eyes were looking ahead, not minding the swarm of people or the cars speeding on her vision.

No one minded how miserable she was. This heightened her helpless solitary emotions.

A distant memory came into her and as she closed her eyes, she found herself reminiscing a joke from one of her classmates,"I'm like a fly in a flask made of glass, who remains trapped inside despite seeing the light!"

Now, she knew what that meant and what the fly felt. She let out a bittersweet laugh at how crazy she had been. Back then, the joke was funny and light, but ironically, she was the fly in captive.

The thought depressed her immensely. She bit her lower lip hard and made a deep breath as she held her emotions together.

She wasn't scared. She was more than that. Brian was a great man of wealth and vast connections. She knew that if he found her missing, he would definitely look and find her.

She folded her knees and drew them to her chest. Wounding her arms, she rested her head on her knees similar to a fetal position. Her mind helplessly drifted to Brian's handsome face. He was more handsome and charismatic than Park Shin Chun. Above all that, he had a lot of sides that she found very attractive. When he was silent, he looked cool and domineering. When he was being devious, he had this smile that he seldom wore, making him look more of like a sinful angel. And whenever he was serious, he looked like the God of the Netherworld.

What more could she say? She was helplessly attracted to him.

She would

was met with his big hand. He pulled her firmly, effectively imprisoning her in his arms securely.

Eric's warmth was calming and his manly scent filled her nose. Surprised by his actions, her body froze and her eyes went wide. It was a lot for her to take in.

Knowing that his actions affected her; he couldn't put down the growing smile on his face. However, a thought had slipped on his mind, stopping his happiness. He was earlier informed of her sudden disappearance in the hotel. Without any thought; he quickly looked for her, concentrating on finding her at all costs. He finally saw her by the small fountain, sitting all alone, curled like a small abandoned child amongst the people walking around. His heart immediately went to her, hurting for her pain and distress.

At the beginning, he had only reached out to her for friendly fun since she seemed up for it. But when Brian had started to care for her, he had thought maybe the game could go on. However, it seemed like he underestimated these feelings. Last night, he went back to the jewelry processing plant with Aaron's privilege to select a necklace that would match the small shell he worked for. It might be a chance. Maybe things had changed.

By morning, he had been excited to present his gift for it was something he had truly worked hard for. But he felt irritated and mad upon seeing her empty eyes that transitioned to anger. When he saw her leaving angrily, he thought his emotions were foolish.

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