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   Chapter 201 Brian's Property (Part Three)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6437

Updated: 2019-02-10 01:09

Despite feeling helpless and hopeless at the same time, Molly couldn't do anything. She walked the streets of QY Island like a lost soul and hardly anyone paid her any attention.

At the same time, Brian just returned to the hotel. He had planned a business dinner with Aaron but changed his mind as he thought about Molly. It was her first time here and she must be feeling lonely, being so far away from her family. Knowing her introverted personality, he didn't think twice about foregoing his dinner plan to spend some time with her.

But when he came to their hotel room, he found that Molly wasn't there. He didn't expect that she would go out when she was unfamiliar with the place. Angry that she didn't inform him, he dialed her number with a scowl.

The sound of her phone ringing brought his attention to the sofa where her handbag and phone lay side by side. His scowl turned into a frown as he realized she went out without her phone and money.

Tony followed Brian's gaze and noticed Ms. Molly's personal things. "Since Ms. Xia's phone and handbag are both here, I guess that she might have just taken a walk inside the hotel. I'll go and look for her," he said in a deferential tone.

With Brian nodding his agreement, Tony withdrew hastily to search for Molly. He came back half an hour later with negative results.

"Sir, Ms. Molly isn't in the hotel. I have checked the hotel footage and saw she leave around nine o'clock this morning…"

Tony searched Brian's face and added after a short hesitation,"Mr. Eric was also here this morning before she disappeared."

Brian's back tautened at his last information. He cast a glance at Tony. His sharp eyes focused as he said coldly,"Search around! Especially pay attention to the gardens!"

"Yes, sir." Tony turned around and left hurriedly.

Glaring at the handbag and phone by the sofa, Brian's face turned red in anger and worry. 'How can I not

tion Molly who was such an absent-minded woman.

Finally, Brian felt that he made a breakthrough. He hurriedly drove back to the hotel and put his theory to practice. Starting from the hotel, he turned right as soon as he saw the intersection. He was thinking like Molly. He knew that she was a one-track minded person.

If she was disturbed when she went out, her mind would be blank and she would turn right instinctively when she met diversions. Searching for Molly's familiar figure, Brian combed the street at every right turn he took.

After having passed several crossroads, he met another one and turned right immediately. He hit paydirt on his last right turn. He heaved a sigh of relief as his eyes saw Molly's figure ahead.

Thank God! He felt his tension leave his taut muscles as he regarded Molly's hunched figure sitting on the steps of a small fountain in the middle of the road.

Then the car screeched to a halt.

Brian almost jumped out of the car as he strode purposefully to where Molly was sitting. But he saw a man appear before he could reach her. Unable to recognize the man from the distance, he stopped in his tracks and frowned. As he started to move towards her again, he saw the man pull Molly up and take her in his arms in a tight embrace.

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