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   Chapter 200 Brian's Property (Part Two)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 6701

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"Go and check whether Mr. Yan has come to A City," Edgar ordered Bill tersely. He had no doubt that it was him even though he just saw him briefly. His gut instinct confirmed what he saw with his own eyes.

Bill was dumbfounded that he asked disbelievingly. "Mr. Justin Yan? Did I hear you right?"

He got inside the car without saying a word, merely glancing at Bill. His brows furrowed as he got lost in his own thoughts.

Bill could feel the tension coming from Edgar in waves. He hurriedly got into the driver's seat and looked at the rear view mirror, waiting for Edgar's instructions. Edgar then ordered to start the car and stop by the ruin. Bill's thoughts roamed, 'Why would Justin come to A City out of the blue? Why was there no official news about his visit?'

Both were quiet on the way back to the Parliament House. Each immersed in their own thoughts. The minute they arrived, Bill set about doing the investigation. He was surprised, 'Even in private, the vice president's whereabouts always make it on the news.'

Looking out of the window in his room, the changing landscape of A City before him, Edgar frowned at the train of his thoughts, 'Now the situation has become more complicated. If Justin also got involved, I'm afraid that things will be out of my control.'

His mobile phone ringing cut through his pensive thoughts. He saw the name flashed on the screen and then answered brusquely," What's up?"

His voice was cold and indifferent. The person at the other end of the line responded with silence. Obviously offended at the tone of his voice.

"I'm busy." His tone implied that if there was nothing important just hang up.

"Edgar, do you mean if I have nothing important to say, you have no time to talk to me?"

Jenifer's cold voice was heavy with sarcasm, obviously piqued by the way Edgar was treating her. "Is Molly the only one you care about in this world? Except for her, you don't need other people to care for you?"


Edgar answered cold

e name of the hotel where she was staying. But for the life of her, she couldn't remember. 'Where should I go?', she despaired.

She went out of the car dejectedly. As she stood with a forlorn expression. She watched the taxi disappear from her sight. She felt like an utter idiot for not even paying attention to the name of the hotel where she was staying.

Her lack of interest in her surroundings seemed to be her downfall. Shawn picked them up yesterday from the airport and drove them directly to the hotel while she was with Brian the rest of the time. When she went out of the hotel in the morning, she also didn't bother to find out. She didn't even notice the name of the hotel from beginning to end.

Looking at the endless stream of cars passing by and smiling bitterly, she mocked herself, 'I'm so silly that I can't even find out the name of my hotel. I didn't even bother to memorize Brian or Eric's number!' she lamented. Just a few silly numbers and she couldn't be bothered to memorize them.

Well. She didn't bother memorizing their numbers because she didn't like calling them. It was always the other way around. Their names flashed on her screen when she was receiving their calls and that was enough for her. Little did she know that ignoring such trivial things would be to her detriment in the long run.

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