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   Chapter 199 Brian's Property (Part One)

Love Crisis By Yue Xia Xiao Hun Characters: 7014

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The mockingly evil smile on Eric's face was gradually replaced with seriousness.

Molly was so deeply touched by his gesture that she forgot he was still holding her hand.

She withdrew her hand self-consciously. "Er…Eric… You don't have to keep troubling yourself for me.

This gift is too much. I really appreciate it." Molly gushed breathlessly.

Eric stared at his hands. It felt empty the moment Molly pulled her hand away. The feel of her soft hand entwined with his was exhilarating. His heart seemed to melt as he gazed at Molly's embarrassed face. He could still feel the warmth of her hand and he clenched his fist to keep from pulling her hand back. He was not comfortable at all about the way he felt about Molly.

Looking at Molly fidgeting nervously, Eric tried to look casual and unaffected. "It's nothing. I will do anything as long as it will make you happy," he said in a cool voice.

Knowing that Eric meant every word he said, Molly felt uneasy. Suddenly, Brian's warning flashed in her mind. She bit her lip nervously, stealing a quick glance at Eric. Trying to hide her nervousness, she bent down to pick up the glass of milk on the table hurriedly. With her shaking hands, the glass overturned spilling its contents over her dress and Eric's shirt.

Mortified at her clumsiness, Molly apologized,"Sorry! Sorry!" Hurriedly taking out a bunch of paper towels, Molly set out to wipe the stains on Eric's shirt. The moment she put her hands on his clothes, Eric grabbed her hands and pulled her near to him.

Her heartbeat faltered for a moment as Eric's eyes bore down on hers. His sharp eyes looked at her accusingly before asking,"My dear, sweet Molly, why are you suddenly afraid of me? Do you think I have evil designs on you?"

She blushed painfully, hearing the accusation in his voice. She felt that Eric could see through her soul and read her every action. Molly turned her face away, avoiding Eric's probing eyes. She could feel the tension emanating from his body. Molly swallowed nervously. Her words came out in a stammer,"I… I… I don't…"

Molly was

despite the spaciousness of the luxurious bedroom suite. She decided to go out for a stroll along the street of QY Island to lighten her mood.


In A City.

Edgar had just finished an inspection tour of the New District construction site. He visited the ruin which had been the object of the controversial bidding. The result of the bidding had just come out. Undoubtedly, the winner was the Dragon Empire Group.

"Mayor, Dragon Empire Group have already sent the program plan there. I have heard that they plan to invest in the Smile Hotel," Bill said.

Edgar ignored Bill's comments.

In fact, he couldn't care less about the Dragon Empire Group's plans. All they care about was their reputation.

It was said that the hotel had a sentimental value for the President of Dragon Empire Group.

As he thought about the rumors going around about Smile Hotel, Edgar's eyes lightened up. He caught a glimpse of the ruin before heading back towards his car. Before he could get inside, another car suddenly passed him at a dangerous speed. He looked up in surprise and caught a view of the passenger at the back seat just as it cruised past him. His eyes widened in shock and for a moment his gaze followed the car until it disappeared from sight. He shook his head disbelievingly.

"Mayor, are you all right? You look as if you just saw a ghost,"

Bill regarded Edgar curiously.

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